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London, United Kingdom ReportShareDownload2.09K658.3K

my first trip to @madametussauds in 2004 when my family came to visit from Prishtina 😭🤣❤️ thank you @fatgjakova for theseeeee

candy floss cadet 🍬

Last night I went to the unveiling of my Madame Tussaud’s London wax figure. I feel like I played it cool until I saw it in real life and felt like i was playing a staring game to see if it would blink. Totally surreal. Thank you to all the lovely fans that came down to share this moment with me!! I’ve missed you all so much 💕 also who can guess where the outfit on the waxwork is from? @madametussauds xx

London, United Kingdom ReportShareDownload1.57K745.3K

more fan art ❤️thank you @ (north_mountain9) on twitter and @stechdraws_ // cc: @st_vincent@recordingacademy


Nearly at 20M views on Swan Song!! Alita Battle Angel is now out in theatres!! GO GO GO 🖤⚔️ thank you @desireformusic for this cool lil video 🧬 @alitamovie

 Instagram Image by Dua Lipa (@dualipa) with caption : "❤️ happy v day lovers ❤️" at Los Angeles, California - 1979208246103409488

❤️ happy v day lovers ❤️

Los Angeles, California ReportShareDownload2.87K587.03K

Thank you @billboard and @dannybones64 for capturing this moment ❤️ @recordingacademy

MY BABY QUEEN @rinalipa on the cover of Red Milk Magazine ❤️ Feb issue cover girl making me so proud!!! And @gjinlipa at his first guitar recital 💫💫💫 my sibs really making me cry out here 😭💕😭💕😭💕

Los Angeles, California ReportShareDownload1.65K958.62K

Post-grammy dinner party pt. 2 💫💫💫💫 shot by @pixielevinson

Glambot 🤖

Los Angeles, California ReportShareDownload1.35K559.15K

Had a little post grammy dinner and hotel party to celebrate 💫❤️ pt. 1 shot by @pixielevinson ALSO HOW GLAM ARE MY PARENTS!!!!!!! 😍😍😍

Los Angeles, California ReportShareDownload4.28K715.27K

So lucky to have shared the grammy stage with my twin for the night...the coolest, kindest and most talented @st_vincent 🖤 you can watch our full performance online @recordingacademy