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Untitled South


President Donald Trump , speech at African American history month at the white house TEN Given the nature of the political environment he faces , it is to me, a former soldier understandable that he is war like with his detractors . Were it not for his ability to play the media , speak directly to his base and confound his critics , they would have stopped him long ago . History will judge him according to the environment he was forced to face, alone. This man is not a racist , he is a competitor, the one thing his detractors hate more than anything . A confident white family man willing to fight for freedom from political, media and social control. I don't care if you like me for this or not and I'm willing to accept your point of view too. The real enemy has hijacked you and made you think he is you . Let go of hate. Before you can take over a trench and rid it of it's hostile occupants , you must pound it with heavy weapons and then jump in and take control of your environment , in order that you may advance toward freedom . We did it in the second world war and we are now doing it as we fight off the subversive agents of a foreign and domestic subversion and demoralisation programs . I don't give a fuck if this harms my 'brand' because my brand has always been me. I am an abuse survivor , I know what real oppression is . Trump's enemy is a wave of highly unstable narcissists who happen to believe that our entire western system must be destroyed and rebuilt in their image. I chose my team a long time ago , and it wasn't by the colour of their skin , but by the content of their real character which you don't find out in sound bites , it comes way into a long game. What looks like a savage today , can seem like a scientist tomorrow , if you just let it. And that is about the best way I can think of linking up society , trump, and black history month . what is untitled south #blackandwhite

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Nicole Del Corto 🦇

 image by Nicole Del Corto 🦇 (@nicole.dc_) with caption : "Gregori Maiofis
Justice,from the Deck of "Obscene Enjoyment" #darkartist #art #blackandwhite" - 1984997860860618419

Gregori Maiofis Justice,from the Deck of "Obscene Enjoyment" #blackandwhite

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#blackandwhite ⚪⚫

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Leon Grover

 Instagram Image by Leon Grover (@lpgrvr) with caption : "That moment you know nothing more than Netflix is waiting for you. #smile #enoughisenough #blackandwhite #instagood #ins" at Universitätsklinikum Halle - 1984997768495421521

That moment you know nothing more than Netflix is waiting for you. #blackandwhite @lisa.schrder