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Zero waste♻️

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The Sustainable Switch

Gulkana Glacier

•••Over the weekend we had the opportunity to hike up the Gulkana Glacier in Alaska! 🏔 It was such a beautiful experience that I feel lucky to have had and I also gained some much needed knowledge about glaciers and the effects climate change has had on the glaciers in Alaska Climate change effects are increasing apparent here in Fairbanks, Alaska, more so than other places, partly because it has such drastic temperature differences. It can get up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -60!! Ive talked with many of the locals over the past several weeks and they’ve informed me that last winter was one of the warmest they’ve experienced. It only got down to about -40 for a day or so, and while that may seem very cold for the other states, it’s not the coldest it gets in Fairbanks This summer had some record breaking heat waves for longer and longer stretches. Just a few days ago, it was in the 70’s which is pretty uncommon for September. • according to to our guide, the glaciers are receding further and further back. - I remember telling everyone back home how hot it has been here in Alaska, and many were in disbelief. I hope to keep learning and share with all of you 🏔

✂Scissor sharpening 😆 - We have lots of blunt scissors around the house and it's very tempting to buy a new pair....BUT new scissors are just going to get blunt over time too (and usually come in ridiculous plastic packaging). - I'm using a knife sharpener which works brilliantly 🙌 - I've tried the alfoil trick for sharpening , and not only does it NOT work, it makes it hard to recycle the foil! - Trying to live low or zero waste for us means limiting the things we buy and making the most of what we have. - Have you got some simple hacks that help your items last longer? - - kitchen

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Candice Batista

Zero Waste Bathroom Essentials _ Don’t use nasty air fresheners and sprays in your home, they contribute to indoor air pollution and are a toxic concoction of crapola! _ Have you tried a DIY lately? 🖐 _ This is my fav toilet air fresheners and it’s a real hit in my home when people come over! LOL! 😂 _ And so easy to make. Just 2 ingredients. _ Baking Soda and Essential oils! _ Instructions: _ Fill half the jar with baking soda _ Add 20 drops tea tree Essential oil _ Fill the rest with baking Soda _ Shake _ After a flush then sprinkle! And done! _ For the jar, drill a few small holes into the top! I’ve put the instructions in my stories! Give them a watch! _ Let me know if you make this! _ Also, toilet paper game is on! Thanks to @whogivesacraptp plastic free toilet 🚽 paper 🧻

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Finishing off my foraged elderflower and apple cordial. Taste of summer now gone. Ready to go and find myself some elderberry. Reusing my glass bottles of course! #zerowastekitchen

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Living Better With Less™

No more plastic dish soap bottles! 🧼 is the package-free kitchen/cleaning swap you’ve been searching for. Simple, beautiful and plastic free! This long-lasting dish soap block is made of olive oil, coconut oil, water, salt, lye, is hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. With no petroleum, synthetic fragrances, dyes, animal products, or palm oil. Best used with a plastic free 😉👍 dish brush. How to use: Scrub the top with a wet scrub brush or cloth and wash dishes as usual. Dump any excess water off the top and allow to dry between uses. This giant block of soap will last you months! @bringyourownlongbeach 📷

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Instituto Brasileiro de Moda

@recontained_la (@get_repost) ・・・ STOP WASHING YOUR CLOTHES. Ok. Now that we have your attention. Yes - certain items like undies need to be washed after every wear, but the habit of throwing every item into your hamper after you've worn it might be more wasteful than you think! 31% of people do their laundry EVERY DAY. A standard washing machine uses 41 gallons of water per load! HE machines use closer to 28 gallons per load... but that's still a lot of water! Think about if the item actually seems dirty, or if it could go for another wear. Hang an item outside your shower to steam out if it needs to be frreshed up a touch. Try spot cleaning for small stains. Just make sure to check the fabric type so you know how to treat correctly. The vast majority of your clothes can be washed in cold water, which saves energy & will extend the life of your clothes. ❄️ . 📸 @ecoage . . . wellnessbeauty kitchen via

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