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Leigh Ann Wells (@leigh_ann_wells) Instagram Profile Photo

Leigh Ann Wells

What if u could repair ur or even ur with a that u wear? U may be asking urself about the other things u can try but believe me I have tried them already, from to , other kinds of cushion shots, , & so much more just to relieve the in my knees. Not only is it relieving my pain but its replacing my missing Stem Cell. I've been on for Only a month. I can't tell you how much better I feel with #X39. I did not post this to just sell something else but to try to help you. If you want some info let me know.... Comment below or send me a pm I can help you or just go to my Link:

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Irene Sederl

Ich liebe den Herbst!!! πŸ’™πŸ‡πŸ˜ #x39 ( Instagram Profile Photo

Vienna, Austria

I am 75 years old with hip pains and leg cramps nightly for almost 10 years. My wife has had knee trouble for over 10 years too one replaced and the other bothers her constantly. We both tried X39. She had no pain in less that 12 hours. I was walking like I did 40 years ago in 15 hours. No leg cramps either.but that is not all, we have two children, a daughter 51 years old with Traumatic brain injury (TBI), from age 4. She does Housekeeping, she is up and down all day, many aches and pains. Using x39. Aches and pains are gone. Our Son is 49, he was run over by a car at nine o'clock pm on an unlit intersection in Tallahassee, Florida. Brain injury, mind is strong but has nerve damage to his left side of mouth, left eye, left arm and left leg. He lives on his own but can't work. We tried X39 with him, his left hand is more stable, his speech has improved noticeably and he says he has more stability in his left leg after 14 days. He didn't ask, he told me to order 100 patches for him. Scott Sincerbeau 🌹MPF🌹 ( Instagram Profile Photo

Dubrovnik, Croatia

LIGHT BULB MOMENTS People speak about "light bulb" moments readily. These are true Light Bulb moments : In 1973 Dr. Loren Pickart isolated the peptide GHK-Cu. He should have been awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery. In 2019 Lifewave launched the World's first product to elevate naturally GHK-Cu using photobiomodulation /phototherapy. The inventor and CEO of Lifewave technology David Schmidt called it the x39 Stem Cell Patch. X39 elevates GHK-Cu which in turn : πŸ‘‰πŸ» Activates the body’s own stem cells to a younger state! Controls and can re-write 32% of our genes to a youthful state! THAT LADIES & GENTLEMEN ARE TWO LIFE CHANGING LIGHT BULB MOMENTS IN HUMAN HISTORY! It’s up to you to change your life and help others. 🌹MPF🌹

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