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ST.Tropez - Beachwear / Dubai ( Instagram Profile Photo

ST.Tropez - Beachwear / Dubai

Les Canebiers Sweamshop β € πŸ”½Our design team obsess over offering the perfect fit and support with elegance and style. Our bikinis are inspired by the world's most glamorous beach destinations and fashion-forward swimwear trends β € πŸ”½We are happy when our clients are happyπŸ˜‡ β € πŸ“We located on UAE, Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Sadaf 4 β € ☎️To get more information about our promotions call us today on +971 54 407 2560 β € #womensequalityday

Dr Maria Bellin, MD (@becomewellenough) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr Maria Bellin, MD

I am taking a leap of faith. β€’ For the last few years I have become passionate about women's equity in their professional lives and in health, particularly heart health. β€’ I am excited to announce that I am going to work with women who have coronary heart disease, survived a heart attack, needed heart surgery, have children or grandchildren at school or at uni, have aging parents to look after and have a job or business they need and want to go back to. β€’ Coronary heart disease kills twice as many women as breast cancer. It's the single biggest killer of women worldwide. Sadly, it's perceived to be a 'man's disease. β€’ In the UK alone there are more than 800,0000 women living with coronary heart disease, the main cause of heart attacks. Every year, 35,000 women get admitted to hospital following a heart attack, which means 98 women per day, 4 women per hour. β€’ Post-menopausal women have an increased risk, which increases further as they get older. The more risk factors, (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, being overweight and not doing enough exercise + a family history: father/brother diagnosed with the disease aged 55, mother/sister diagnosed aged 65) the higher the risk. β€’ Women are less likely to seek medical attention, which reduces survival. The symptoms in women are often different from the classic chest pain we see in men. β€’ There are many more differences in the disease process and presentation in women. β€’ For women over 40 it is recommended to see their healthcare provider to check for heart disease risks. Women over 40 should have a review of their heart health every 5 years. β€’ If you have risk factors or have been diagnosed with heart disease and you are looking to work towards optimal health please get in touch.

Janet Diaz for PA State Senate (@janetdiazforpastatesenate2020) Instagram Profile Photo

Janet Diaz for PA State Senate

Some men can see running for office as a matter of ambition and personal pride while women tend to think of running for office as a way to better their communities when other avenues haven’t worked. By making a contribution it will show you support women that do the work to improve the quality of life for humanity and not self gratification. equalityday

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