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Moons Yoga Loft

THURSDAYS 👶🏻💕🧘🏼‍♀️☕. . This emoji description accurately describes Thursday mornings in the Loft at our beautiful bebé class 10am with but what it doesn't capture is the sun spilling in across the room, the knowing smiles between mommas and the smell of hot raspberry scones after class in @fableandstey. .

Wendy Watson-Hallowell (@thebeliefcoach) Instagram Profile Photo

Wendy Watson-Hallowell

What is the point of being right? Do we think it makes us the ‘better’ person, justifies our actions, or gives us the right to take over or make someone wrong? Perhaps we see ourselves as the one that is wrong believing we have somehow failed and the shame and disappointment are too overwhelming to consider? LIVE LINK IN BIO to read more... , , , , , , #wellbeing, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Had an amazing weekend down at the NEC with the @hempandcbdexpo It was great to see loads of people involved in the hemp and cbd market. Such a great atmosphere and everyone is super friendly! See you in March!! ⠀⠀ #wellbeing

Gillis Family Chiropractic (@gillisfamilychiro) Instagram Profile Photo

Gillis Family Chiropractic

Gillis Family Chiropractic

Our cute kids corner showcasing our awesome little patients! Did you know your child can get adjusted too? There are many benefits to having your little one visit a chiropractor such as improved sleep quality, improved digestion, and so much more! A healthy family is a happy family 😄

The Nutrition Plan (@the.nutrition.plan_) Instagram Profile Photo

The Nutrition Plan

Do you have a set of kitchen scales? . . If so how often do you use them and what for? . . People can be a little judgemental when they see people weighing their foods, but there’s lots of different reasons to do so. If it’s something you’ve never done it can be a really great learning tool, especially alongside tracking your calories/macros for a period of time . . Eyeballing food quantities can be very tough, and with calorie dense foods such as avocado or nuts you could be hundreds of calories out from what you think you’re consuming . . It’s shouldn’t be deemed as an unhealthy thing to weigh some or all of your food. This again is another way of keeping track, just like of money you’re putting into a bank account. Not weighing is like having a lucky dip button on the transfer screen into a bank account, stuff is going in, but who knows how much. . . On the nutrition plan we teach you how to properly use your kitchen scales so you learn a whole heap about what you’re putting into your body. It doesn’t have to be forever - but it’s an eye opening thing to do for a period of time . . #wellbeing

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Anita Singh

Hi everyone. It's balance awareness week! "WTF is that?" you may ask. Well, to put it simply, some people live with various conditions that can cause them difficulty with their balance. Vestibular migraine, MS, Ménière’s disease, and labyrinthitis are some examples. Dizziness and vertigo (a spinning or rocking sensation) being some of the more common symptoms. Chances are you have come across someone who has been impacted by something like this, but have no idea since it's often invisible to others. This week is about raising awareness. I'm sharing this in support of helping to 'make vestibular visible'. If you wish to, you can read more in the link in my bio. Love you guys... #wellbeing

I've been thinking about self-care. It's an important part of being a counsellor. I can't be there for clients if I don't look after myself. Self-care is about taking responsibility for ourselves by treating ourselves with the care and respect we deserve. Not always easy but I've found it does get easier with practice.....GF #wellbeing

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