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the alizadeh (@hamid67h) Instagram Profile Photo

the alizadeh

Got some new toys. Can anyone tell me what they are. I will post more picture revealing what it is in a few days. . . . . #virtualization

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When you decide to move to a cloud-based software model, will your engineers be ready to take the leap? Imagine seamless integration to a fast, secure, and reliable cloud software that has limitless possibilities for access and storage. CoveyCS has the engineers ready to take on this task. We are well versed and certified with AWS for cloud development and architecture. Message us for more #virtualization

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Server Stadium

All your server’s processing power, memory, and disk space can be committed to your website. In addition, no other user could expose your website to cyber threats or cause your server’s IP address to be blacklisted. Have any Dedicated Hosting questions? Reach us: #virtualization

BVA technology services

Samsung SSD are set to include a new fail-in-place technology (FIP). What this technology does is allow a drive to cope if something goes wrong with one or more of the NAND chips that is contains. So instead of just dying, the functioning storage chip will continue to work. Samsung has essentially built data recovery into the SSD's by managing scans for any damage in the data before transferring it to the remaining NAND chips that are still working. Samsung is launching 19 models of SSD under the names PM1733 and PM1735. #virtualization

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Arjang lnstitute

موسسه آموزش عالی آزاد ارژنگ

: شروع دوره جدید مجازی سازی با در کنار مهندس 🥇 ‍ 🔔 دوره بعدی:به زودی ‌... ‌ 🎯 با پر کردن فرم "خبرم کن" مرتبط با استاد مدنظر، اولین نفری باشید که از برگزاری دوره جدید او با خبر می شوید. ‌ ✍با پر کردن این فرم ما به محض شروع ثبت نام دوره جدید از دو طریق SMS و ایمیل به شما اطلاع رسانی خواهیم کرد. ------------------------ #virtualization

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Network Development Group

Our micro-course is just what you need to learn the basics of virtual storage and take your career to the next level. Start learning today for free (while supplies last). #virtualization

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All about IT

Term of the day - Workspace as a Service. The term "workspace as a service" (WaaS) in IT refers to services that provide end users with a virtual workspace, which is a model of the kinds of resources end users would have at their desk within a physical office environment. Workspace as a service is part of a greater category of services often called "software as a service" (SaaS), where vendors deliver services through the web, instead of sending clients software on digital storage media. When people talk about WaaS, they are often talking about virtual desktops and desktop virtualization. There is the idea that the end user, the professional, will log into the vendor's service and get access to a desktop that operates just like the one in the user's office – this includes having the right files handy, cloning the operating system, preserving security protocols and generally offering the user a virtual workspace that is just as good as what his/her office computer can offer. WaaS is an important kind of service in light of the rapidly emerging system of telecommuting and of the work that professionals do in the field or out of the office. - Follow @all_abt_techno for more such updates. - ization

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