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Heather Herbert (@sweetmeproject) Instagram Profile Photo

Heather Herbert

“Find your FOCUS by seeking all that is good in your life.” Lorii Myers ▪️ Meet my bestie Jamie @survivingthebubble Jamie was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia when she was 9 years old. She was treated with an aggressive form of chemotherapy while living in a “bubble room” in the children’s hospital for three months. But her true battle in life came after that when she battled PTSD, Survivor’s Guilt, severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Jamie’s FOCUS now is to use her experiences to help youth and women see the value in their worth and be accepting of who they are. She travels around the US to share her story and encourage others to have faith through trials. A week ago she invited me to travel to Idaho with her for one of her events. I loved being able to spend time with her, but more importantly I loved hearing her testimony. She is doing great things and she is a good example of what can happen when you FOCUS on what is really important in life.❤️ This week let’s FOCUS on the people in our life that inspire us. FOCUS on the good parts of them and build those relationships. Who in your life is a good example of FOCUSING their talents on helping others?❤️ Please share.

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Rachel Penton

Blue Spoon Microcreamery

I finally framed some alcohol ink paintings from last fall! They’re up at BlueSpoon Microcreamery if you want to see them in person!

Jimmy John's Field

Who’s still feeling great from last weekend’s Mats on the Mound benefit yoga event?? Cheers to our amazing studio community who came out and showed support for @suitedreamsproject. 👏👏👏 It was a true joy to share the morning with you all! - Missed the event but still wanting to make a contribution? @stephlivingyoga will be taking cash donations through the end of the week. Or visit to leave a donation online. Thank you! - Already looking forward to Mats on the Mound 2020! 🙏💕⚾️ . . . . . . . . #upliftandinspire

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Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Park Theater Las Vegas

What do people remember about you when you walk out of the room? • Is it your: Personality, Belief system, Signature style, Spirituality, Aspirations, Sense of humor, Thoughts, Goals, Creativity, Happiness, Mindset, Culture, Kindness, Voice, Intelligence, Life experience, Relationship skills, Love of learning, Healthy habits, Work ethic and / or your Communication style? • Wowsers, that's quite a list, isn't it? • But all of these make up who you are! And that's just a fraction of the list! • Never forget how awesome you are, because you are extraordinary my friend! • List 1️⃣ thing that you absolutely ♥️ about yourself in the comments below.👇🏼 . . . . . . . #upliftandinspire #upliftandinspire

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Stephanie Williams

Jimmy John's Field

Still feeling all the good feels from last Saturday’s Mats on the Mound benefit yoga event at @jimmyjohnsfield in support of @suitedreamsproject. 💕 What great weather and atmosphere we enjoyed together! - Thank you all for showing your support! We had a fabulous @zenmovementstudio group come out and represent. It was a lot of fun teaming up this year with @k.ttttttt and @laurenlivinyoga from @citizenyoga. - Until next year!!! ☀️😍⚾️ . . . . . #upliftandinspire 🙏

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Health Info For Women Over 40

Spokane, Washington

You may recognize these ladies from the 📺 but they also have something to share about health and wellbeing. Their stories can either serve as inspiration, or one you might want to avoid for yourself, you decide… • Kim Cattrall encourages women to find their own menopause style. She said she partnered closely with her doctor and listened to her body. She revealed how she had thought she would have been prepared for menopause, but as her body changed, she realised the needed to know more.🙋🏼‍♀️ • Amanda Redman revealed that she rejected using HRT and chose a more natural route. She also shared that despite some horrendous times, she doesn’t regret choosing the natural path to help her menopause symptoms.🌿🌱 • Dawn French described her menopause as hell. Her struggles were so intense she decided to have a hysterectomy in 2011. Not only was her body affected but also her memory. She says her memory has never been the same since, and she writes herself notes to remember everyday things.🤯😭 • Do any of the above sound familiar to you? Have you also felt like you wanted to know more, like you wanted a more natural approach, or like you've struggled at times? • Which of these ladies do you identify with? • Make sure you follow us to stay up to date on the latest health info for women aged 40 and over. 🆕🆒 . . . . . . . #upliftandinspire

Lately I have been volunteering my time two mornings a week to clean and weed our local beach. This morning as I was raking, I listened to this wonderful podcast called "Meditative Story" The story told by Krista Tippett really resonated with me. It's about the time she took a break from her very intense life to stop and really "check in" with herself with deeply unexpected results. This "checking in" for me happens when I am making art, working on wellbeing and my own personal transformation. Have a listen and let me know what you think of this amazing podcast series. @meditativestory . . . . . #upliftandinspire   

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