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Machine Washable Rugs & Throws (@kroma_carpets) Instagram Profile Photo

Machine Washable Rugs & Throws

So in love with decirations! Getting into the fall mood! 🍁 Our light grey cloud looks so good! 🧡 . . Repost: . . . "D E C O R A T I O N. D’ A U T O M N E. Je partage avec vous sur mon blog mes petites touches d’automne à la maison et je partage également les idées deco de @joanna.anastasia_ @amidst.the.chaos @northern_style @pmqfortwo @karinuliving @meredith_deanne ••• 🍁••• F A L L. H O M E. T O U R. On my blog, I’m sharing with you all the decoration I added in my house and sharing as well amazing canadian bloggers decorating tips for fall. Did you start decorating for fall?"⠀ . . . #uohome

Marit • My Styling Diary (@styledbymarit) Instagram Profile Photo

Marit • My Styling Diary

K I T C H E N • What to cook today? Onze struggle in de keuken is dat wij altijd spullen overhouden en dus (omdat we het vergeten) het moeten weggooien. Door in plaats van 1 keer, een paar keer in de week boodschappen te gaan doen probeerden we het op te lossen, maar nee dat is ook niet alles. Wat is jouw boodschappen strategie? Nu hebben we hopelijk de oplossing gevonden: Ik mag @hellofreshnl een tijdje gaan uitproberen! Deze week voor het eerst ontvangen🤗 Hierbij krijg je dus precies thuisbezorgd wat je nodig hebt voor de maaltijd. AAN TAFEL!! Het eerste gerecht is gekookt en we hebben heerlijk zitten smullen van de koreaanse wraps met biefstukpuntjes😋 Wat stond er vanavond bij jou op het menu? _____________________________ #uohome

Anna- DIY🔨Home🔨Garden (@odinspiracjidorealizacji) Instagram Profile Photo

Anna- DIY🔨Home🔨Garden

Wiecie, że @ikeapolska wprowadziła jakis czas temu możliwość wysyłki do domu? To bardzo niedobrze. Ciągle coś zamawiam 😀 Ale co poradzić 😊 Mówią, że jak sobie pościelisz tak się wyśpisz. No to ja sobie pięknie pościeliłam łóżko nową pościelą KUNGSBLOMMA 😍 Wiecie ona jest taka miła w dotyku a klasyczny wygląd pasuje do wielu aranżacji. Mogę zmieniać dodatki w sypialni a biała pościel będzie zawsze pasować 👍Wskakuję do łóżka bo przeziębienie mnie rozkłada... żartuję! Nie mogę, jestem matką 🤣 . Co ostatnio kupiliście w Ikea? Bo ja ramki, poduszki, koc i kilka innych rzeczy 😁 _________ #uohome

Nicki's Urban Jungle 🙆🏻‍♀️🌿 (@cottoncandystories) Instagram Profile Photo

Nicki's Urban Jungle 🙆🏻‍♀️🌿

Cologne, Germany

Da wurde mir doch gerade ernsthaft eine Dönerbude vorgeschlagen als ich den Standort hinzufügen wollte 😅 Ich kann euch versichern, in unserem Haushalt gibt's nur vegetarisches Essen 🐒🥦 Außer für die Katzen natürlich, die dürfen natürlich Fleisch essen 😌 In meinem Job schreibe ich oft Artikel über Katzenthemen. Hättet ihr Lust, dass ich euch in den Stories mal was zum Thema Katzenernährung erzähle? 🐱 . . . #uohome @solebich @hmhome @westwingde @maisonsdumonde_de @madedotcome @mapiful

If you want me tonight, I’ll be right here 😃 • Ignoring the yellow walls, this is one of my fave rooms in the house - the living room. It gets the best afternoon sun, has a large square bay window and is a very cosy spot to snuggle up in. Can’t wait to change the colour of those walls though 😬 • I had a very successful day today, managed to do more work on the porch (I have to say I’m delighted with the changes) and also prune the lavender up the front path. Uber tired now though, so once the girls are in bed it’s chill time and an episode of ‘The Capture’ 😃 Hope you all had a productive day too 😘 • • #uohome

• If you squint closely you’ll realize just how much free time i had back in uni to define myself on paper for my own satisfaction and self-expression, just like when i was eight and would fill the first page of all my notebooks with an “about me/my favorite ___” list. This constant need to “officialize” my identity is something that i think has stayed with me till now, and yet i’m realizing that everyone i talk to is the same way. “my favorite things” pages have transformed into hour long chats about one’s own problems in life where friend talks at friend who replies in defense with an “okay yeah but i think...”, rants on social media about one’s beliefs and intolerance for other povs to an audience that is equally as intolerant... and the list goes on. whatever it is we all struggle with, whatever voice is dying to be heard, it’s like a hypnotizing spirals that never ends and a voice that is drowned out by other screaming voices. i need to stop adding to the racket and close my eyes and block it out and realize that my identity isn’t something i determine myself, and this is a good thing. it’s a great thing. a great thing when i am so sure of my identity as a daughter of the Most High and loved for all that i am and that Jesus knows me more than i know myself, and that takes the pressure off constantly trying to let people know who i am and why i am. I just need to focus on His voice and what He thinks of me and the rest is all just white noise and temporary, cathartic, self-expressing art that will one day fade away.

Trev + Molly Finkbeiner (@finkbeinerfarmhouse) Instagram Profile Photo

Trev + Molly Finkbeiner

Cohen’s been sick this week. I have been sick this week. And although it’s not very fun - It’s just that time of year 😑 we are just praying Trev does NOT get sick THIS WEEK because he heads to Montana on Friday for a big elk hunt with one of his friends. ✨ Anyone else get the sickies yet ?! What are your favorite natural cold remedies ! We have a few AND are still welcoming fall with open arms regardless of the sniffles it may bring !✨

Mallory Brooks (@abehomegoods) Instagram Profile Photo

Mallory Brooks

Atlanta, Georgia

Fall is coming! Kinda just a bit excited about temps dropping to 81/58 by Thursday here in Atlanta...even though it’s not likely to last long, the break from the heat will be a nice reprieve. I’ve also noticed the light shifting in my apartment as the season starts to change. I think fall light is my favorite light, there’s just something about the way the sun starts to drop lower in the sky and the glow and shadows it creates. P.S. I’ll have another print of “Spanish Dinner Party” at Saturday’s Argosy Market! . . . #uohome

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