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Ester Mazzucchelli

🧿 💕 BRITTANY 💕 🧿 (@_bbeautymarked) Instagram Profile Photo

🧿 💕 BRITTANY 💕 🧿

🧿 💕 BRITTANY 💕 🧿 (@_bbeautymarked) Instagram Profile Photo

🧿 💕 BRITTANY 💕 🧿

🧿 💕 BRITTANY 💕 🧿 (@_bbeautymarked) Instagram Profile Photo

🧿 💕 BRITTANY 💕 🧿

🧿 💕 BRITTANY 💕 🧿 (@_bbeautymarked) Instagram Profile Photo

🧿 💕 BRITTANY 💕 🧿

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Crystal harmony Love


''Q♡ÙEEÑ_ WRIT♥ÈS""~♥~

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Kakang Zeno

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Leo Saldanha

Minas Gerais

A um momento na vida que tudo muda.. Parece q uma venda é tirada de nossos olhos.. E assim precisamos nos auto conhecer novamente, saber o porq dessa mudança. E esse momento é tão importante. Hoje eu quis não só tê-lo marcado em mimha memória em meu sentimento, mais em minha pele, expressando em arte um sentimento que hoje me faz ser quem sou. Essa tatuagem significa toda mimha mudança todo o meu respeito pela a dádiva da vida. Hoje tenho consciência de que tudo q passei me fez mais forte todas fases ruins me fizeram hoje alguém melhor. Que respeita a vida,e a tem como um presente divino e dela quero extrair o melhor para minha evolução espiritual. Somos energia, somos conexão. Somos vida.. Somos filhos de Deus. #universe

Night Sky Delights-Doug Ingram (@nightscapades) Instagram Profile Photo

Night Sky Delights-Doug Ingram

Big Hill

17 Sep 2019. Gravity Well 🌲 I’m a sucker for photographing the poplar trees that line Australia’s country roads, lanes, rivers and creeks. If I can include the Milky Way in a scene, then my day has been well-and-truly made. This copse of poplars, bereft of leaves at the start of winter, stands either side of the parched creek that meanders through the farmland at Big Hill, New South Wales, Australia. Poplars aren’t native to Australia, and in some of our states, have been deemed an “invasive species”. Still, they are quite photogenic, and I made the most of their spindly forms in this image. The bottle-green hues in the sky–caused by atmospheric airglow–offered a colourful backdrop for my photo. 🌌 I created this image by shooting nine overlapping frames, moving the camera through an arc that started with it pointing south at the little bridge and down at a slight angle. The last photo was captured with the camera pointing over my head and towards the north, taking in the trees behind me. Each image was photographed through a 14 mm wide-angle lens, making the trees seem to be bending in towards the centre of the Milky Way. My thought was that the gravitational attraction of the hundreds of billions of stars amassed near our home galaxy’s core would be warping the trees in its direction. 📷 As well as the 14 mm wide-angle lens (a Samyang 14 mm XP set to f/3.2), I used my Canon EOS 6D camera mounted on a Nodal Ninja 3 panoramic head. Each image was exposed for 25 seconds @ ISO 6400.

Angel Aura Frequency Elevators 👼🏼🙌🏼 One of my absolute favourites 🥰Elevate yourself to a brand new Frequency 🙌🏼😍 Vibrate Higher 👼🏼🙌🏼 Angels will support your dreams with one of our AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL Rainbow Angel Aura Delights you will instantly become a Bohemian Angelic Goddess 👼🏼💎🔮🙌🏼💃🏼 You will Smile, you will have a new Confidence, a rainbow glowing Aura that will attract new amazing people into your life! You will have the ability to attract new opportunities & new amazing doors will open for you!!!! This is your little gem of universe magic for you to go forward in life & live your dreams 😍 enjoy this new level 🙌🏼😍🔮👼🏼💎 #universe

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London, United Kingdom

✖️People think I’m crazy when I say “ I’m going to be living in America “🇺🇸 They tell me its impossible, that I’ll never get over there and that’s it’s to hard to move there 💁🏻‍♀️. ⁣ Good job I believe nothing is impossible in this world. I love hard work, I have goals and I trust the universe. ⁣ Choose your goals, be grateful, believe anything is possible, always be the best version of you, release all your energy into the universe so it can manifest all of it✨. ⁣ #universe

Anthony👑👑🏈🏈🌍🌍🔥🔥🏆🏆🎲🎃🤪 (@anthonyjjparris) Instagram Profile Photo


Where is the creator...... #universe

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