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Marcelo Palomino (@marcelol10) Instagram Profile Photo

Marcelo Palomino

ultrAslan🦁 (@memet_mazlum1905) Instagram Profile Photo


Elevate | Online Football Info (@elevateyourgame1) Instagram Profile Photo

Elevate | Online Football Info

When you talk about flexibility, very few people realize how important it is for sports. Flexibility is more than just exploring wider ranges of motion. Instead, it is about the ability to use power through the entire range motion of a joint. This sort of mobility reduces injury and improves performance in all the fine motor skills required for typical soccer skills. Also, you will see improvements in agility.  A well-stretched muscle more easily achieves its full range of motion. This improves athletic performance — imagine an easier, less restricted golf swing or tennis serve — and functional abilities, such as reaching, bending, or stooping during daily tasks. Stretching can also be a great way to get you moving in the morning or a way to relax after a long day. Activities such as yoga combine stretching and relaxation and also improve balance, a wonderful combination. TAG A FRIEND WHO NEEDS TO SEE THIS COMMENT WHAT YOU WANT NEXT TURN ON YOUR POST NOTIFICATIONS     #ucl    

Bayern & Germany ( Instagram Profile Photo

Bayern & Germany

have won each of the last five Bundesliga matches on the first day of the Oktoberfest. #UCL

Salahudin Alayubi (@m_afifudin26) Instagram Profile Photo

Salahudin Alayubi

@vbcash88 (@get_repost) ・・・ KUIS TEBAK SKOR VBCASH88 ITALIAN SERIE A TOTAL HADIAH RP.250.000,- . . AC MILAN vs INTER MILAN . . SYARAT & KETENTUAN : 1. Tebak Berapa Skor Akhir dan Pencetak Gol Pertama (PGP) 2. Tag Minimal 5 orang teman kamu (Jawab di Account Instagram @vbcash88) 3. Wajib Repost (Posting ulang Foto Kuis Tebak Skor di Instagram kalian) 4. Pastikan untuk Follow Account Instagram @vbcash88 - sebelum anda Jawab. 5. Contoh Jawaban: " AC MILAN 3 - 2 INTER MILAN (Daniel Maldini) @Ari @Budi @Chika @Deni @Edi Jangan Lupa Sertakan HASHTAG & 6. Nonton Pertandingan LIVE GRATIS di www.VBWIN88,com 7. Akan dipilih 5 orang Pemenang dari Jawaban Tepat dan Benar. 8. Hadiah Pulsa masing-masing 50rb, (Bisa dimasukkan ke User I'D VBCASH88). 9. Kuis ditutup setelah Kick Off. 10.1 Account Instagram hanya diperbolehkan Comment 1x. 11.Jika Skor 0 - 0, Maka kuis dianggap Tidak Ada Pemenang. 12.Wajib Memiliki Minimal 300 Followers di Akun Instagram Anda. . . NB: BAGI YANG TIDAK REPOST (POSTING ULANG FOTO KUIS TEBAK SKOR DI IG KALIAN) DAN TIDAK FOLLOW ACCOUNT INSTAGRAM @vbcash88 MAKA AKAN DI DISKUALIFIKASI / BATAL / HANGUS. . . #ucl

🌐World football🌐 (@1lfootball) Instagram Profile Photo

🌐World football🌐

Камбэк 'а Игра угадай футболиста имя из 7 букв ▪️И▪️▪️И▪️▪️ Первые 3 получать БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ ПИАР 🎵-Hymn For The Weekend (Seeb remix) _ _ _ Бонус до 6500 (подробнее в шапке профиля) Кстати я делаю бесплатные анализы матчей и из 10 ставок прошли все, ставь вместе с нами MELBET _ _ _ #UCL

Bayern & Germany ( Instagram Profile Photo

Bayern & Germany

Ivan Perisic for Bayern so far this season: - 4 apps - 2 goals - 2 assists #UCL

Fc Barcelona Persian (15Kسابق) (@fcbarcelona.persian1) Instagram Profile Photo

Fc Barcelona Persian (15Kسابق)

. 🕰تاریخ و ساعت بازی مقابل گرانادا در سراسر جهان! . 🔹️این بازی امشب ساعت ۲۳:۳۰ از شبکه‌ی ورزش سیما پخش خواهد شد. . . . saeid

Real Madrid Nomics (@madridnomics) Instagram Profile Photo

Real Madrid Nomics

Ciudad Real Madrid

El Capitano👑 @sergioramos 📸: AFP

Club De Fromage (@clubdefromage) Instagram Profile Photo

Club De Fromage

O2 Academy Islington

Are you ready for a Glee overload at Fromage tonight? Join us from 10:30pm-3:30am for all your usual pop faves and chaotic stage show needs. Also, the first 100 people through the door get a free bottle of VK! . . #UCL

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