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Solorzano Law, PLLC (@solorzanolaw) Instagram Profile Photo

Solorzano Law, PLLC

Solorzano Law, PLLC

Are you an attorney with a personal injury/wrongful death case but you don’t know how to litigate it? Solorzano Law, PLLC can help! We already help a number of firms that can’t or don’t know how to properly litigate a personal injury through referrals or co-counseling. Obtaining JUSTICE for the client is our only goal! #truckinglawyers

BD&J Personal Injury Lawyers (@bdjlawyers) Instagram Profile Photo

BD&J Personal Injury Lawyers

Los Angeles, California

Shawn McCann just brought home a 7 figure verdict against a negligent driver who rear-ended our client on the freeway. After a grueling 2 week jury trial in San Bernardino, justice was served. A very special thank you to our brave client who was courageous enough to stand up against the insurance company. It was inspiring and a privilege and honor to fight for you. #truckinglawyers

The Cox Pradia Law Firm PLLC (@coxpradialaw) Instagram Profile Photo

The Cox Pradia Law Firm PLLC

The Cox Pradia Law Firm is committed to seeking Justice for those that have been historically underrepresented at the Courthouse. If you or someone you know have suffered serious injuries in a Car Accident or Trucking Accident, give us a call or log on to to our website. We are just one call away. @tjplaw1 #truckinglawyers

David Lee, Esq (@gladiator_in_suits) Instagram Profile Photo

David Lee, Esq


If you are a truck driver in CA, you could be entitled to the following: unpaid wages, meal & rest break premiums, reimbursement of business expenses, waiting time penalties, paystub violations for individual, PAGA and/or class action claims depending on the size of the company. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a free evaluation! 🤝👊🏽🚛🚚⚖️

Joseph L. Wilson, Esq. (@josephwilsonesq) Instagram Profile Photo

Joseph L. Wilson, Esq.

- a commercial vehicle case has to be handled completely different than a regular car accident case. Your attorney should know that. In addition commercial drivers are required to follow certain federal regulations. An experienced attorney will hire experts early to inspect the commercial vehicle to determine if those Regulations were followed - which can dramatically increase the value of your case! #truckinglawyers

Joseph L. Wilson, Esq. (@josephwilsonesq) Instagram Profile Photo

Joseph L. Wilson, Esq.

Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC

Proud to be a part of this firm. There's no greater calling than help those in need against some of the most powerful insurance companies and corporations in the world. The results of the firm speak for themselves. I look forward to contributing to that continued success. 👌🏾 #truckinglawyers

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