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TBI Survivor's  Sister (@survivorsister) Instagram Profile Photo

TBI Survivor's Sister

This is my sister in a nutshell. It is what it is. She keeps going :)

Paul Hrkal Naturopathic Doctor (@drpaulhrkal) Instagram Profile Photo

Paul Hrkal Naturopathic Doctor

Scottsdale, Arizona

Just wrapped up my time at The Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association conference in Arizona. I was super impressed by the level of interest and knowledge of diet and nutrient therapies of the optometrists that were in attendance at NORA. At the end of my lecture, I shared my top nutrient interventions for both brain and eye health: 1. OMEGA 3 OILS, specifically DHA of greater than 2.5g per day. 2. CURCUMIN specifically the longvida form that has evidence that it crosses the blood / retinol barrier. 3. ASTHAXANTHIN bright red pigment found in algae is responsible for the bright colour of salmon. Super potent antioxidant studied for eye fatigue at lower doses (4mg) and at higher doses (12-20mg) for neurological function. . . . #traumaticbraininjury

Thomas Magnuson (@onecalledthomas) Instagram Profile Photo

Thomas Magnuson

Beaverton, Oregon

This is it! This means so much to me! • As a suggestion I put up a small list of needs and I’m not going to stop finding ways to improve. Shout out to my friends for all the love. I have the best friends and am so grateful! My perspective is changing and Thursday can’t get here soon enough! I’ll save you the healing update. Check my as I’m planning on updating all week long! #TraumaticBrainInjury

Having D.I.D and being very little in a big body can be very frightening and scary in a big world; especially having to cope with other adults. If you are never asked how old you are and the other person assumes you are adult then you are left to deal with life at the age your body is. Unless you are able to explain or signal or have some kind or secret sign to say I’m not big right now, life is a huge struggle in an adult world. Watching other little kids in little kid bodies can be also upsetting and even frustrating when you can’t join them. When you as an adult part also become aware that your outward behaviour is very juvenile or you feel needy this can be embarrassing, hurtful and sometimes very painful. There is so much more to Dissociative Identity Disorder than people realise. DID is not just personality changes THAT is just a minor part. INSTAGRAM ℹ️ @chinadoll_with_did Dissociative Identity Disorder is like.... . Surviving Childhood Trauma is like... . . #traumaticbraininjury

TBI Survivor's  Sister (@survivorsister) Instagram Profile Photo

TBI Survivor's Sister

Black Shirt with Survivor Ribbon I'm on a roll.... lol

Heather Steinberg (@loveheatherstudios) Instagram Profile Photo

Heather Steinberg


Lazy Lilypond / Water Color Pencils (5x7) I had almost forgotten about this one. It actually hangs in my bathroom. . #traumaticbraininjury

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