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Although is now associated with luxury cars, the company originally made tractors, and this is a type of vehicle they still make to this day. He started his tractor company in 1947. After the war, he recognized an emerging market for agricultural vehicles and equipment. He used the parts of a former military vehicle to create his first ‘Carioca’ tractor. Based on the success of this tractor, he founded his first company ‘Lamborghini Trattori’. His tractors stood out because of the fuel atomizer that Lamborghini had created himself. One problem for farmers was the cost of petrol. Lamborghini designed the tractors, so they would start using petrol but would then switch to using diesel. This was a cost-effective solution for those working in agriculture.

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Orange County, California

Who's fault is it? 🤔 💥

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Traffic Depot Inc


Good morning Central Valley! Friendly reminder when approaching the roundabout, vehicles entering the roundabout must give right of way to any vehicle already in the roundabout. When giving right of way at a roundabout, the driver must slow down and if necessary, stop to avoid a collision. For all your Driver Ed and Traffic Violators classes see us today! Schedule your appointment in any of our 4 locations Clovis, Bakersfield, Los Banos, and Visalia at www.TrafficDepot.Rocks 🔗Link in the Bio🔗 . . . . . #trafficviolation

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Road to Safety Initiative

Forgetting the helmet is now going to make you a thousand times sadder. So, Always remember to wear a Helmet & Pledge now: @firstpost #trafficviolation

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VTV Gujarati News and Beyond

પંચમહાલના કાલોલમાં નિયમોને ચુસ્તપણે અમલ કરાવવા ટ્રાફિક પોલીસનું કડક વલણ જોવા મળ્યું છે. ટ્રાફિક નિયમનો ભંગ કરતા વાહન ચાલકોને દંડ કરવામાં આવ્યો છે. ટ્રાફિક નિયમનું ભંગ કરતા શખ્સોને ઉઠક બેઠક પણ કરાવવામાં આવી હતી. PSI એ ટ્રાફિક નિયમન અંગે સભાન કર્યા હતાં. #trafficviolation

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નટખટ ગુજ્જુ

Ahmedabad, India

મજા આવશે જુઓ પોસ્ટ ગમે તો કરો નટખટ ગુજ્જુ 👳 violation

எழுச்சி - உயர்வுக்கான நேரம். (@ezhuchi) Instagram Profile Photo

எழுச்சி - உயர்வுக்கான நேரம்.

ஹெல்மெட் அணியாமல் சென்ற 1 லட்சம் பேர் பிடிப்பட்டுள்ளனர். ுச்சி #trafficviolation

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