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Алексей Суслов

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Gracie Greene

When you purchase the GG Sport you provide 1 month of internet service for the Zahn School in Cambodia. - - Education is the most powerful tool for the future. Shop #trafficking

This mouth-dropping episode is an education into the mafia factions behind the highly organized human trafficking industry. Nancy reveals some of the predatory techniques used to entrap vulnerable people and useful tips on how to safeguard your family against internet crime and exploitation. . Links to show in bio! . . . . . . #trafficking

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Naz Compassionate Ministries


In Moldova, Nazarene volunteers reach out in compassion to women impacted by trafficking. The volunteers locate and connect with women in need through weekly trips to areas where prostitution occurs as well as calling victims through online ads. When a connection is made, women are encouraged to take advantage of free medical services offered in a mobile clinic, including rapid HIV/AIDS tests. The team is also trained to refer to other services when needed, including shelters and professional education courses taught by partner organizations. Women are invited to the local Nazarene church to receive free clothing, crisis care kits, and school supply kits for their children. Over time, as volunteers have been seen in the area and have become more trusted by the community, more women are taking advantage of these services and sharing with the volunteers. Women are asking for prayer and spiritual support, and several have started attending church services. Some recently asked for Bibles of their own. The church in Moldova is committed to serving these women with care and compassionate support, offering them real opportunities to choose a different future for themselves, and showing them they are highly valued and loved by Jesus and his church. . . . #trafficking

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Bangladesh on Record

Elephant trafficking through the Chittagong port This was taken in 1960. In the sixties could be found in almost all the of Bangladesh. According to the latest IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) survey (2016), the number of elephants in Bangladesh is only 268 currently. Photo source: Photo Agency Alamy. #trafficking

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🌟Rea Norling🌟

I received a new credit for the Feature Film SINthetic. A film about human trafficking. Full of twists and turns and unexpected surprises, My character ‘Molly’ finds herself in a tough spot and has to be smart and strong. Follow along 🎥 @sintheticthemovie . IMDB Link in Bio . #trafficking

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Bryant R. Camareno

I have 25 years of experience including my 10 years as a former State and Federal . I am a in Law and I have litigated over 210 jury trials ranging from 's, #Trafficking, and . I also handle , Criminal and Feel free to text me at 813-727-5461 if you are in need of legal advice.

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Shandra Woworuntu

I wrote this Op-Ed about visa transparency and thank Jeremy McLean for the guidance and support. There is a little data, however, the non-immigrant visa recipients or types of jobs and employers who rely on temporary worker visa programs. Bipartisan, federal legislation introduced by Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the Visa Transparency Anti-Trafficking Act of 2019, would create a standardized, public reporting system that would help human rights organizations to monitor labor conditions and patterns of employer activity and assist law enforcement investigations aimed at stopping exploitation and trafficking. # #trafficking

There are tens of thousands of victims of modern slavery in the UK right now. Abused, exploited, unseen. The Modern Slavery Helpline is for many their best chance of freedom, but lines will go dead on 30 November without urgent funding. Please give now: link in bio⠀ ⠀ #trafficking giving

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