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Chris Anguiano

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Adverse-Art (Patrick Caldwell)

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Tiago Brandão

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Merab Paresi

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Ashutosh (WARBOY)

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ablution music

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R E B E C C △ N △ Y L O R

Burning Man

One of our favorite ‘peak moments’ from this year’s Burn was getting to share the experience of listening to the soundscapes of TOOL’s first album release in over 10 years with @alexgreycosm on an incredible Dragon Artcar and hundreds of fellow excited Burner TOOL fans on the Playa. Look at that epic head-banging, Alex I love you so much! 🐉🎶🔥 #tool

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Wax Xtatic Record Audio Stereo

Wax Xtatic Record Audio Stereo Shop/Odds and Ends

TOOL/FEAR INOCULUM! We have one of the remaining copies of the Ltd Ed Tool album released as a special CD package. Wax has decided to offer it up to you while also helping a local non profit....The ARL/Animal Rescue League. Both my cost and your total winning bid will be donated in your name to the ARL. Here's how it is going to work: Right now you may stop in, private message, or comment on our Facebook post your bid for the CD. (If you stop in or message I'll update the post with your name and current bid). Bidding starts at one dollar and goes in one dollar increments till the end (though you can bid much more than one dollar each time). Bidding will end on Tuesday 9/24 at 6 pm. You may leave 'Proxy' bids.....for example: Say you want to message me or stop in and leave a bid of $50. The current bid is at say, $23. You will automatically get the current winning bid at $24. If somebody outbids you up to your max at fifty, you will continue to bump and win the bid up to your max. If it passes your max proxy bid, you are out. If somebody would bid $42 at the end, you would bump it to $43 and be the winner (you would just donate $43, not your max proxy bid). Nobody will know anybody's proxy bids, nor will we tell you. Payment is due within two days of auction end. If not, it goes to the next highest bidder. Trying not to make this too difficult to understand! We will keep the current bid posted in the store, along with a special notebook where we'll hide proxy bid amounts. Good luck, thanks in advance. The CD you see in the pic is the exact one you are bidding on. Rock on....... #tool

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Leandro Hernandez

Argentina Corrientes Capital

Rosetta Stoned - Tool (bass cover) . . . Un cover al paso porque me aburría y tenía el bajo cerca🤙🏻 aprovechando para practicar poliritmos ah . . . #tool

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Boba Fett/Judge Fett/Ash Fett

Death Star

I sold out long before you ever heard my name #tool

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KenBuilt Buckets

Our KenBuilt buckets have a bit more grab 😉

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