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HI, HOW ARE YOU (@supercarla1) Instagram Profile Photo


Japan & SG ✨ Япония и Сингапур (@life_in_tokyo) Instagram Profile Photo

Japan & SG ✨ Япония и Сингапур

Morton's The Steakhouse Japan (@mortonsthesteakhousejpn) Instagram Profile Photo

Morton's The Steakhouse Japan

*⠀ PRIME CAJUN RIBEYE 16oz⠀ プライムケイジャンリブアイ 450g⠀ *⠀ アメリカニューオリンズのスパイスといえば⠀ “ ケイジャンスパイス “⠀ その種類は様々ですが、主にパプリカパウダーブラックペッパー・ガーリックパウダー・チリペッパーなどをブレンドしたうま味のあるスパイスです。⠀ そのスパイスでジューシーなリブアイをマリネしたケイジャンリブアイ。🥩⠀ 一度食べたら病みつきになる味です!⠀ # #tokyo

Stellar Addiction (@stellaraddiction) Instagram Profile Photo

Stellar Addiction


Touring Japan in 2016/17 included some of the greatest shows we have ever played. The level of production in the venues we played were off charts and the people who came to our shows were so nice and welcoming! . . See us live next at @thetownie2042 Oct 4th w/ @criminalblonde and @soundslikewinter . . . #tokyo

西荻もがめ食堂シンゴ日記 (@mogame_shokudo_nishiogikubo) Instagram Profile Photo


おはようございます! もがめ食堂は本日も元気ハツラツに営業予定です!! 最近プルドポークと言う食べ物を知りました!何だかとてもきになってます!笑 #tokyo

The Tan Samurai 👺 (@chasemor) Instagram Profile Photo

The Tan Samurai 👺


The Tan Samurai was Made In Seattle 👺🌊☔️ • The Run Continues 9.26.2019

Verve International (@verveinternational) Instagram Profile Photo

Verve International

Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

Verve brings you only the most experienced and trained promotional staff for events and exhibitions! @blockchainsummithq in Singapore was great for exceptional networking opportunities and market expansion! Contact us if you are coming on our way to Asia 👉 #Tokyo

selling From the 6ix (@i_sell_things_from_toronto) Instagram Profile Photo

selling From the 6ix

There is absolutely no point getting involved in a relationship for the wrong reasons. Let me illustrate, Scenario you just broke up with an ex, and now you are feeling lonely, so you decide to enter a relationship. In my opinion, wait it out. Loneliness, should never be a factor for getting involved with a person. You are jumping into something quickly just for the sake that you don't know how to be alone. Instead, you should take time to discover more about yourself, what you want from the relationship and where you can improve yourself to improve the chances of the next relationship potentially having a greater success. Scenario , you believe because you are getting older that it's never going to happen for some reason and you will just jump into a relationship. Wrong move. Great things take time. You aren't in any hurry nor is it a competition whereby you have to be together with someone by a certain age. Scenario you see friends around you getting married and starting lives so you feel that naturally you should be at the same pace and keep up with them. WRONG. STOP looking around at other people and focus on yourself and let things happen on their time. Both people must be involved in the relationship for the right reasons and not the wrong ones. If you aren't on a similar page or even have the same kind of wants and needs that you expect from each other its going to be a challenge. Relationships aren't supposed to be unhealthy nor make people sick of being in them. They are supposed to be that added value to your life. 🇭🇰 🇦🇪 #tokyo

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