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Urban Smiles Family Dental (@urbansmilesyeg) Instagram Profile Photo

Urban Smiles Family Dental

#TipTuesday - A tip to maintaining a is making sure that you’re staying up to date with your regular dental check-ups!

The Pretty Feed (@the.pretty.feed) Instagram Profile Photo

The Pretty Feed

The new squad of skincare essentials and favorites! More details to come but the most epic on pictured here has to be the @skinceuticals retinol! Skinceuticals Retinol helps reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, ages spots, blemishes, and blotchiness FAST! It’s very concentrated and high quality but worth the price tag! It also slowly releases retinol to make sure it’s always treating your problem areas throughout the night. By now-you should know that retinol is only for your nighttime routine :)

LW kids Houston (@lwkidshouston) Instagram Profile Photo

LW kids Houston

@parentcue You're constantly communicating to your kids - with what you say and what you don't say. Be mindful today of the words you're using. Make an effort to keep your language positive and intentional. They're soaking up every last word! ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #TipTuesday

As technology stays evolving, we will always be here to bring you up to speed with the world at large 😁 Watch this for some useful tips on how to turn your mobile device into a remote control and enjoy the “smart home” feel at no cost. Tag your friends and spread the news 💃🏾 #TipTuesday - @mtnng

Lakrisha Davis & Co.🖤 (@lakrishadavisandco) Instagram Profile Photo

Lakrisha Davis & Co.🖤

Patience, patience. Honestly, it’s a nerve-wrecking feeling when clients hire you specifically to get into one company. Lol. We all know by now that sometimes this requires networking, out-of-the-box approaches, PATIENCE, etc. When you really want something, you lock in🔐 She sat tight at her job and didn’t settle. Let the celebration begin🎊🎉

The Financial Spotlight (@thefinancialspotlight) Instagram Profile Photo

The Financial Spotlight

Help me launch this 2 Questions Tuesdays event by submitting your financial questions below in the comments. I will then give you answers starting Tuesday, October 1st and every Tuesday thereafter. I want to help you understand your money better. So, help me help you. . . . . . . #tiptuesday

Hoffman Tutoring Group ( Instagram Profile Photo

Hoffman Tutoring Group

In case you missed it, this week we've been talking all about how to use music to help your child learn. Have another way you use music in your child's education? We would love to hear about it below! . . . . . #tiptuesday

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