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Gargi's Collection 🔵

Historic Centre of Telč The houses in Telc, which stands on a hilltop, were originally built of wood. After a fire in the late 14th century, the town was rebuilt in stone, surrounded by walls and further strengthened by a network of artificial ponds m 🇨🇿

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A&B Lock and Security 🇺🇸

Gilford, New Hampshire

While onsite installing a 5 IP camera system customer asked for some network cleanup and data lines run. Stocked and installed all in same day. Simple network and camera system up and running

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BD Innovations

Why are in Africa are always taking the risks? And what were the challenges for BD Innovations? Link in bio.

How does AV change the overall learning experience in K-12 classrooms and higher education? AV aids are used in the classroom as a complement to traditional teaching methods and boost student engagement. How does AV in the classroom do this? One example is the video screen, which allows teachers and professors to incorporate videos, music clips, flip charts and slideshow presentations into lectures, making it a much more engaging way of teaching the classroom. Here is another example: education is moving content into the cloud, allowing students to use remote devices to access learning materials and learn from the classroom, home or anywhere with an internet connection. In the near future, educational AV will be more important than ever before in the educational environment. Where have you seen AV being used in the classroom? Let us know in the comments below! 🏫✏️ . . . . #🏫#✏️ #telcom

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BD Innovations

Reach for the stars! Get the best for and business. We built it today, ready to reach the stars with the best software infrastructure technology. Link in bio.

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Pekka Reinio

Most of us need a cell phone and internet. What we don't need is to be paying some of the highest prices in the world for these essential services. The is calling for a cap on cell phone and internet prices, which would save families almost $250 per year. The New Deal For People would also introduce a Telecom Consumers Bill of Rights to put an end to the aggressive and misleading sales and service practices of big cell and internet companies. The NDP will require service providers to offer basic plans that meet the needs of Canadians, end caps for internet plans, and require companies to offer affordable, unlimited data plans for cell phones so that Canadians don't have any surprises on their monthly bills #telcom

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