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Little Van update after getting some modifications to allow me to set it up how I like it. Shortened up the passenger side shelve to allow the bottle rack to fit in the back, and added quite a bit of storage with the slide out drawers. Still a work in progress to find everything’s final resting place but man I missed the feeling from having a nice, clean van set up Blessed to work for a company that allows things like this to happen. . . . #techtips

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The new iPhones are here! Go grab then in stores now!

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Anchor Point IT Solutions

5G, or 5th generation, cellular service may be coming to a city near you! With this new lightning fast network, users will be able to download files more than 20 times faster than 4G. This technology is still in development and has some flaws. For example, because the radio waves are much smaller coming from these new antenna, the signal can be more easily disrupted by obstacles between you and the cell tower. This means it will take a lot of antennas across cities to create a reliable network. - - - - tips

What do you think about this technique? Creative or stupid?🤔🎨 . 💡Follow For More Tech Daily! 👉 @hightech_speed . 🎥 Credit: @travis_chapman_artist

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Savvy Apps

Developers, take note. How to set up and test an auto-renewable subscription for an iOS app is on our blog. Link in our profile.

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Accounting Pros | Tech Pros 🏆

Have you noticed the advancement of data storage?🗃🗄 - With advancement in the tech field—data storage has become easier than ever‼️⤵️ - We are now in a tech era where, if desired, we could store 100% of our data online using cloud storage!☁️🖥⤵️ - Think about it 🤔 There was a time where we actually wrote our phone contacts in a phone book👉Which eventually turned into saving our contacts in our cell phones👉Which we now have the option of “backing up” or making an emergency copy of our contacts and saving them online in a “cloud”☁️🤯⤵️ - Data and Memory storage has definitely changed over time!💪 - Contact @YourBusinessAccounting for all of your tech needs! 🖥💻 ((Link In Bio))🔗⬆️⬆️⬆️ @YourBusinessAccounting - #techtips

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Telrad Technology Group

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Some people say that analog phone lines are better because they are more reliable. This may be true in the past but the technology that analog phones rely on are becoming obsolete and decreasing in support. More and more companies are directing their focus and support towards VoIP technology. With the increased improvements and innovations, the potential with reliability and performance continues to increase for VoIP phone systems. Think about it. Move forward with the way of the future. Or get left behind with unsupported analog lines. Give us a call. Let us share how we can help improve your company’s communication system. 1-888-483-5723, option 3. . . . tips

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