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Anaheim Convention Center

Come check out our "NATIONAL BOOMBOX MUSEUM" as we will be displaying over 100 of our personal classic original 1980s old school Ghettoblaster Boomboxes next weekend Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th for the very first 80s convention "NOSTALGIA CON" @ The Anaheim Convention Center. #TapePlayer

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Audio Separates Hifi

Pioneer CT-S430S Stereo cassette deck playing some classic whitenake. 2 head tape deck plays great and makes very good recordings. #tapeplayer hifi

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Sips Cafe Vintage

Panasonic boom box!! Working tape deck and radio! Message me if interested, not listed yet!

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New gear for the basement set up. Technics M205 yard sale find, looks works and sounds amazing. Hooked to The Fisher X-100 tube amplifier. #tapeplayer

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Aniela Ariton

🔹Usually, lyrics are kind of irrelevant when I listen to music. They either bore me or seem cheesy, but there are times when they have my full attention. I'm listening to one great song right now: "I make breaaad/ You make it, you make, you make it sour". ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ ▫️ Yeah, full disclosure. Those are not the real lyrics. I'm just messing. Look for Little Mix - Power - it's so dumb and fun. ▫️ ▫️ #tapeplayer

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