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Brno Daily

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Summre Studio

On average, consumers throw away 70 lbs of clothes and shoes per person annually. Many of which have hardly ever been worn.

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Simple Starts

Happy Friday's another change you can make to your daily beauty routine.. ▪︎ Which would you choose, disposable or reusable? ▪︎Doing a little research I found the average price of a disposable cotton round is roughly 6 cents, using two per day that's 12 cents, roughly €44 per year. ▪︎Alternatively there are reusable cotton rounds. These little rounds are machine washable and the average cost per round is €1.30, using 2 a day for only a year (they last way longer than just a year) is €2.60. ▪︎That's a simple saving of over €41 per year..but if the price swap doesnt win you over... ▪︎Most of these reusable cotton rounds are made with 100% organic cotton or bamboo whereas the non disposable ones are produced from non sustainable, non organic farming practices which detrimentally impact the environment. ▪︎Add to that the waste that you are creating at the end with the non reusable rounds which go straight to landfill as they cannot be recycled and it's a no brainer? ▪︎ ✅ Good for the planet ▪︎ ✅ Good for your pocket ▪︎ These prices are based on @supervalu_irl for non reusable rounds. Supervalu also stock the reusable ones in their new eco friendly section made by a Swedish company @imsevimseofficial . Online companys such as; @greenoutlook_ie and UK based @plasticfreedom_ stock numerous varieties. The ones pictured here were bought from Donegal based @the.naturalcompany and are made by a UK based company called Leave no Trace. ▪︎ #sustainableliving

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Mantra Kind

Climate Strike - Fridays For Future London

We want to share this insane fact with you today on global day. And remember, bottled water companies don’t make water, they make plastic bottles. At a scary rate. Let’s start being more mindful and cutting down on what we don’t need. We have something coming soon to help with that ☺️

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Love chomping on @chippintime cricket and peanubuttr snacks @petpopexperience tonite! . So many flavors to choose from now! . . What does “all natural” mean? For us it means better nutrition for our dogs and a lower carbon pawprint. We use cricket instead of mainstream sources of protein, like chicken or beef, and each bag saves 40 gallons of water, making each treat humane and sustainable! . . . What ways are you living a more all natural life? We love to hear from you! Comment below! #sustainableliving

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