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Строймакс (@stroymax25) Instagram Profile Photo


Владимир Рунков (@100pil) Instagram Profile Photo

Владимир Рунков

STIHL Polska (@stihl_polska) Instagram Profile Photo

STIHL Polska

ɪ ɢ ᴏ 2 ᴅ ᴀ ᴋ ᴀ ʀ 🎤🎥📸 (@igo2dakar) Instagram Profile Photo

ɪ ɢ ᴏ 2 ᴅ ᴀ ᴋ ᴀ ʀ 🎤🎥📸

Производственная Компания (@_artnick_) Instagram Profile Photo

Производственная Компания

Peter Gemoets (@petergemoets) Instagram Profile Photo

Peter Gemoets

Wiktor Sekuterski (@victorqusss) Instagram Profile Photo

Wiktor Sekuterski

Chandra Hunter-Greulich (@chandra_hg) Instagram Profile Photo

Chandra Hunter-Greulich

Dear Mower-that-is-more-than-deserving-of-a-name, • Today was probably the last time I will walk behind you. It has been seven years. You were never destined for this job, a simple home-owners lawnmower with a Honda engine, but here you are. You’ve out lasted every other piece of equipment. Five pairs of shoes were walked through, endless gloves worn away, and thousands of miles were traversed; back and forth, back and forth • I was a very different person when I met you. I was 14, scrawny, a vegetarian, and in a very bad place. When I started, I couldn’t mow a strait line. I still cannot walk one, but when I was learning I had a two week re-training lesson on strait lines before I was allowed back out professionally. I knocked one wheel out of alignment that first year and you spent the last six years with a list to the right. Somehow, your and my crookedness made strait lines, and no one else could make it work. My hands wore through the paint on your handle bars. I’ve grown four inches and put on a whole lot of muscle mass. Now at the age of 21 I own a business that I built with my own sweat and blood, and the metal and rubber from you. You start up every spring and every cold morning, even though some days you take a little convincing. You’ve only ever be down once, and it was a long two weeks without you. That part is still a shade darker, it’s not as sun bleached • You were my prom and homecoming date. Not that I went, but while everyone else was taking THAT photograph, we were moving. I took you over things you were supposed to go over, and things you weren’t. Rocks, metal sewage covers, concrete curbs, but you kept going. The worst was the one and only time a frog got turned inside out • I sarcastically cursed you at the beginning of this season, ”I thought was done with this,“ but I don’t really curse you. I do laugh and cry and curse around you, but not at you. It’s become like meditation, walking back and forth, the same hum for hours at a time • You will come on this new adventure. You don’t won‘t be mowing professionally anymore, but I bet we will go on some more walks together, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth

Wyatt Fenner (@wfenner97) Instagram Profile Photo

Wyatt Fenner

Doing a little work loaded up and sold 2 loads have a few loads on order #stihl

Yadlo Workshop (@yadloworkshop) Instagram Profile Photo

Yadlo Workshop

Slab Saturday, finally got around to slabing some Ash and Maple rounds. Looks great with the spalting. #stihl

Proagro - Loja Agropecuária🐮🐴🐎 ( Instagram Profile Photo

Proagro - Loja Agropecuária🐮🐴🐎


O segredo de um grande sucesso, está no trabalho de uma grande equipe.💪 🐴 📍 📍 #Stihl

Nick Dirmz (@nickdirmz) Instagram Profile Photo

Nick Dirmz

Bita brush clearing/tree trimming with the 660 today #stihl


A new mower was added to the arsenal today!

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