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Just A Dude Doing Dude Shit (@taco.tactical) Instagram Profile Photo

Just A Dude Doing Dude Shit

B L M I S T I G H T • • • • can’t wait for it to be colder here in Vegas. ____________________________________ #spiritussystems

Joe Reynolds (@qsairsoft) Instagram Profile Photo

Joe Reynolds

Augusta Airsoft LLC

Along with the @callofduty live streams this weekend, I’ll be at Augusta Airsoft next weekend, on my birthday, for the first time for the Second Battle of Badgerville!! Hope to see you guys there!! Home Fields @tacticalairsoftarena @pevspaintball • • Use code “QS10” for 10% off at obgear Store! • • Check out my Sponsors DashPatch @dash_patch Check out my Sponsors Fox Airsoft @foxairsoft Check out my Sponsors Flyye Industries @goin_flyye • • #spiritussystems

Stephen Carrigan (@stephencarrigan) Instagram Profile Photo

Stephen Carrigan

Sometimes good medical gear is more important than a gun🤷🏼‍♂️ get it and learn to use it🏥 . . . . #spiritussystems

My USMC buddy @trevor_gordie rocking the @geissele URGI upper on his build with the Trijicon Accupoint. The @spiritussystems chest rig supplementing his dapper dad @spiritussystems fanny pack because everyone likes snacks on the range. Always a good time blasting away with this guy. #spiritussystems

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