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Inner Quest Retreats

πŸ“Έ Don't you just love to capture a moment in time, so you can look back anytime and remember what it felt like to experience the beauty? >>> We love to take photo's here! It's crazy how a snapshot, can bring a smile, give you a giggle or a burst of peace, just the same way, you first encountered it. πŸ₯° ✨ Do you love to capture moments? Do you take a ton of photo's when you travel? Do you print them and put them in frames? >>> Share one of your favorite photos and tell us something special you do with your photos! One of our favorites, is in our story😍 #spiritualretreats

Aloha SUNday. Happy Equinox gateway. 🌺 What is unfolding in your life? 🌺 As I head home after over a week of amazing new adventures professionally & personally...I give thanks for the choices I've made in the last 18months. 🌺 It has put me on an entirely new trajectory and literally transformed my life on more levels & in ways than I could not have ever anticipated. 🌺 One of the lessons I've learned is how to TRUST the Proccess and the unfolding of all I set into motion once I decided to move to Kauai. 🌺 Each decision we make has the unfolding of that decision into our reality within it. The blueprint forcthecwho how what when built inside of it. Just like a flower seed has the unfolding of its bloom built into its seed. 🌺 There is a blueprint...a structure... for how ideas move from the etheric realm into the physical. Surrendering to that proccess & trusting that what happens on the surface is just what it looks like while it all comes into form is the greatest learning for many of us. This Equinox SUNday Monday I invite you to look back on your decisions this year. It is right about now the unfolding of those choices will be blooming into your real-ality Its harvest time...time to make your flower lei! And an opportunity to re-calibrate & hone your visions /creations if you aren't loving what you are experiencing. What is seeking to unfold THROUGH you? How can you lean into the flow that is trying to move through you rather than resist it? Where & how can you find the balance & lean into the fullest expression of your souls light? As our plane taxis the tarmac here on LA that is what i am musing about. Aloha everyone. See u in paradise. Aloooooha! #spiritualretreats

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Christopher Jai Smith

Where are YOU located? In the world? In the body? In the mind? Or at a SOURCE-point of existence that encompasses and creates all experiences of world..body and mind, and which to all these experiences also report? β–ͺ️ Investigate this, and you will discover a place that is overlooked by most, and forgotton by many. That which is neither inside nor out. The Allness. Freedom. β–ͺ️ (((Eternal Bliss))) β–ͺ️ #spiritualretreats

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