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Cannons and Cans (@cannonsandcans) Instagram Profile Photo

Cannons and Cans

Pelican 1750 hack job done by yours truly. Works for now ! #spikestactical tactical optics

A few days back I found myself taking down pictures of my weapons that I had posted publicly in the past on Instagram. It was almost as if I was going into hiding and fearing that my family would be targeted in the future as tyranny continues to gain it’s foothold in what we call “media” these days. Which, if we are being honest, is mostly just a constant collection of Liberal “Op-Ed’s” that push a very specific agenda and do an incredible amount of fear-mongering as they continuously attempt to divide us along the lines of race, religion, gender, and political opinions, just to name the big ones. I have thought about this off and on for several days now and it made me think of the oaths I’ve taken; most recently to my wife which included protecting her and the boys, to my boys to teach them to be honorable men, men that would not back down on their beliefs because of pressure from others. Then the Oath of Enlistment I made when I swore into the Army. That I would support AND DEFEND the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. This lead me to remember a quote,”The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” John F Kennedy via Edmund Burke via John Stuart Mill. And in context of the original was referring to tyranny, even though we all know the meaning is more far reaching than that. We cannot allow ourselves to be forced to hide or feel guilty or give up our rights because of the abhorrent actions of others, all because we own the same tool that they used in their atrocities. We can no longer be complacent with our freedoms if we wish to maintain them! Responsible, resourceful, respectful and remorseless gun ownership is going to be an absolute necessity if we wish to retain our rights as US citizens. #spikestactical

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KamBo 🛀Da Trap Scholar

Its not done yet but she look better than a big lip light skin or Red bone BBW ijs Im sleeping with her tonight 😂😂😂 #spikestactical

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