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Shalashaska 🖤

все то, что зацепило меня✨ (@uzueva) Instagram Profile Photo

все то, что зацепило меня✨

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↻Ӏąմժìօ འօʍąցղօӀì (@lab_jazz) Instagram Profile Photo

↻Ӏąմժìօ འօʍąցղօӀì

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Erick Calero

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Джэк Фрост

Cleveland, Ohio

The pics aren’t in order. Day 8( songs about drugs)-Who Says. Day 9(happy song)-Neon Day 10(sad song)- Man on the Side. Man on the Side is such a great song. I don’t think it ever made its way on an official album, sadly. This how you know I go way back with @johnmayer music. #songchallenge

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The Voice Factory

Day 1️⃣9️⃣: Italian 🇮🇹 Song Challenge ... ... ... ... ▶️Lyric Interpretation Reveal! .. .. .. .. I can’t believe I now know what O Sole Mio is about! Been practicing it for 19 days not really sure...having an idea but not really sure....what the song was all about! Regardless, I think I did a pretty good job with my own interpretation considering the little I know of the Italian language!😉 Check out my FB page (2nd Generation Music) or my YouTube channel (search Italian Song Challenge) to watch the entire video! 😉 .. .. .. .. #songchallenge 🇮🇹 ☀️

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Kalel Xavier

Day 1 Song title: HIGH NOTE (Prod. By Kalel Xavier) Decided to do a 30 day song challenge, one to see if I could and two to have more interesting content on my page (Y'all don't let me slack lol) Drop a comment if you like this track. New song tomorrow. Also keep streaming Guns & Roses LINK IN BIO 😈 #songchallenge

OMG OK IK IK IM LATE BUT AHHHH TYSM TYSM TYSM FOR 630+ YALL IDK HOW OR WHY BUT THANK U THIS IS SO AMAZING I NEVER THOUGHT ID GET THIS FAR! HH RIGHT CHALLENGE: draw a character and/or write a story for them (BIO and u dont have to if you dont wanna) and use the hashtag and/or tag me ^^ I'll try to post new lad yall probably have seen on my story for this challenge (since that's how I made her) Ends 28th of october!! PRIZES! 1st: follow, shoutout/artist support, art (any oc and fully done) 2nd: follow, shoutout/artist support 3rd: shoutout Everyone who participates will get a thank you note (Also what I mean with shoutout/artist support is that I'll take a pic of ur profile and suggest ppl to follow u ^^) Aahh I'll post every entry I see on my story :)) (Small note I do get motivated sometimes and might draw something for 2nd and most likely 3rd place since 3rd has the least but maybe itll be unfinished--) ________________________________ challenge

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Arno Nori Music


Je participe au concours saison 9. J’aurai besoin de vous pour être sélectionné ! Les votes ouvriront le 30 septembre et je dois récolter le plus de 🍌! Partagez à tous! 🤗 challenge @_monkeytunes_

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