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Monica The Real Food Devotee (@realfooddevotee) Instagram Profile Photo

Monica The Real Food Devotee

Mente Nueva Marketing (@mentenuevamarketing) Instagram Profile Photo

Mente Nueva Marketing

¿Deseas que tú marca sea identificada por tus posibles clientes potenciales? En Mente Nueva Marketing te apoyamos en la creación de un logotipo que sea único, atractivo, que represente tú identidad y que logre incrementar tus visitas y ventas al 1000%. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Comuníquese para más información 📱+1 (424) 276 0229 WhatsApp disponible 📩 🌐 #socal

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Dance Conditioning

Repost @pilateswithnrg . . If done right this exercise can hit those low abdominals hard!!!! This might have already been thought of but I like to think I created this exercise as a modification to the sitting pike on the Wunda chair! ▫️Starting upright with the legs just wider than the hips, draw the pelvis under (coming just to the back of your sitz bones) ▫️Keeping the position of the body and arms use your arms and back to press into the circle 🚫its not about your hands!🚫 ▫️Each time the arms press into the circle hollow out the tummy a little deeper!!! ▫️Repeat 6-8 times, re-stack the spine, place the other hand on top and start again! You'll be shocked at how different it feels! ▫️ENJOY! And don't grip your hip flexors!!!! 😘 #socal

PCA San Gabriel Valley Region (@pca_sgvr) Instagram Profile Photo

PCA San Gabriel Valley Region

Pasadena City Hall

for this #socal come out and spend some time with us, meet new people, see some amazing cars. Volunteers will receive lunch and our event t-shirt.

Santa Barbara, California

1956 Jaguar XK140. In a parking garage. Santa Barbara, CA. I took this shot roughly a decade ago so be easy on me ;) . . . #socal

Daniel Moller (@daniel_moller96) Instagram Profile Photo

Daniel Moller

A few more fun bits from cali vacation #socal

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