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Gable Carr (@gablecarr) Instagram Profile Photo

Gable Carr

Florida Arms, LLC. (@floridaarms) Instagram Profile Photo

Florida Arms, LLC.

Lucas Garcia De Garcia (@lucasgarciadegarcia) Instagram Profile Photo

Lucas Garcia De Garcia

Lucas Garcia De Garcia (@lucasgarciadegarcia) Instagram Profile Photo

Lucas Garcia De Garcia

Armed Threat Solutions (@armedthreatsolutions) Instagram Profile Photo

Armed Threat Solutions

Here’s a look at a drill myself and Rich from @american_warrior_society have been trying to develop. It’s a short 10 round course of fire that can be done at indoor as well as outdoor ranges. No one drill can encompass everything but even a short one can be a real challenge especially when time is measured. What do you think? Any constructive input is appreciated. . . . . #smithandwesson

Will be sending off my slide to @continuous.precision for them to work their magic. I’m gonna miss my baby!! I have to work with my duty gun for the next little bit so Atleast it will be getting some love from somebody. Can’t wait to get it back! ##smithandwesson

Tieesha Essex (@tieeshaessex) Instagram Profile Photo

Tieesha Essex

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Cj Lorusso (@cj_lorusso) Instagram Profile Photo

Cj Lorusso

Had a great time with all my grandpas at the 2019 International Revolver Championship! Took home a shiny 3rd place B class plaque, 28th overall, 10th in my division, a shitload of swag, and met a bunch of new wheel buddies from all over! Hell of a fun first major match for me and nice to know where I stand against some of the best wheelgunners in the world. internationalrevolverchampionship #smithandwesson

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