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ISO/WTB an ALG 6 second mount #sixsecondmount @gear_plug

Plastic surgeon (sort  of) (@otghex) Instagram Profile Photo

Plastic surgeon (sort of)


I feel like an SRO would look more at home on this thing but the RMR is alright too. #sixsecondmount

A few holsters on their way to clean up and final assembly!

St. Louis

Grinding out holsters!

ARL tactical_zories (@6everyday7islander1) Instagram Profile Photo

ARL tactical_zories

Hell for Certain, Kentucky

I haven't seen a @fluxdefense with an ALG #sixsecondmount so I figured fawk it... Let's cut shyt up. Sure I'll make a super Gucci glock lol...

Whitaker Behrens (@rudukai13) Instagram Profile Photo

Whitaker Behrens

Hey @algdefense when are y’all gonna be making a #sixsecondmount for these? I’ve got my slide-mounted RDS pistols sorted, need to get in on that non-reciprocating frame-mounted dot life...

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