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𝖒𝖏 𝖉𝖚𝖇𝖆𝖗𝖗  🇲​🇺​🇦​🇭 (@mjsmuah) Instagram Profile Photo

𝖒𝖏 𝖉𝖚𝖇𝖆𝖗𝖗 🇲​🇺​🇦​🇭

🌼 𝙕𝘼𝙈 𝘽𝘼𝙈 🌼 (@zeebeautee) Instagram Profile Photo



Klō Organic Beauty (@klo_beauty) Instagram Profile Photo

Klō Organic Beauty

You can distinguish an alligator from a crocodile by paying attention to whether the animal sees you later or in a while. We’re laughing too.

AmyisTotallyPosh (@perfectlyposhwithamy) Instagram Profile Photo


Stressed, blessed and Swipe obsessed. . . There is just something about a nude lip. It's subtle and classy. Flash Dance Swipe from @perfectly_posh is an everyday wear for me. I apply it for church, dressing up or even in my sweats and messy bun. It's SUPER nourishing, silky and the color is PERFECTION. . . Have you indulged in a Swipe yet? The buildable color makes every color a possibility for you no matter your skin tone. We have a red, pink, wine, nude and purpley color available. Start with 1 swipe for subtle color or build your color with 3 to 4 swipes for a bolder look! . . I'm telling you, Swipe WILL become your lip staple. 💋 . . . . . . . . . #simplebeauty

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Tony Reed

Scottsdale, Arizona

I'm excited that we finally have all everything ready to go. We went through hell to bring you these great products... We had more hurdles than a damn track meet. We thought about giving up several times, but what would giving up do? By the grace of God and by never giving up, we made it past our hurtles that were slowing us down in business and in life. We realize that running a company is hard work, but the reward is well worth it because we get to help people look and feel better about themselves. That's what it's all about for us. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ . ⠀ We have three products that serve 3 different purposes... ⠀ We have a Frizz killer with a shine enhancer. This product is perfect if your hair is dry or parched and needs something to drink quick. Slap this on, and your hair will shine like new money all day. ⠀ We have a light and delicious smelling grease that helps hydrate your scalp, its primary purpose is to stop dandruff and to help heal your scalp. This product is excellent if you have shorter hair because you can apply it directly onto your scalp.⠀ Last but not least, we have a Leave-in conditioner. This conditioner is perfect for the person who loves 100% All natural products that actually work. No artificial colors or fragrances. This conditioner is great if you're heading to the beach and want something that will keep your hair soft and supple even in water.

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