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Tyra Moses Photography

“Subsistence hunting practices” Góló (Moose) is my favourite type of meat, for me nothing compares. My dad is a hunter and trapper, we grew up eating wild meat, ducks, geese, fish and alot of the food our ancestors hunted and gathered. As First nations people, our treaty rights include the right to live traditionally off the land hunting and gathering as long as the sun shines. We respectfully continue these practices; for example this picture is of a cow (female) moose, we do not hunt cow’s because they are the one who repopulate the moose and we do not shoot the old bull moose, we call them the breeders they have strong genes and help continue the survival of the fittest. We honour the moose and respectfully handle the hide, head and meat. With the high cost of living in the north, we depend on the moose and caribou to help provide our families with extra meat. We also do our best to share with elders and other family members who do have a chance to eat wild meat as much. Déné people have the right to subsistence hunting because we have since the beginning of time and our ancestors fought for this right in the treaties. Mahsi.. . . “Subsistence hunting” Indigenous People Project . . #shootbullsnotcows

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Jordan Sabella

Bushwick Country Club

Thank god there’s photo evidence because it all gets blurry after a few margaritas #shootbullsnotcows

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Alison Batchelor

Rednecking again. #shootbullsnotcows

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Arthur Doyle

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

Yes, Alaska is still cold in July #shootbullsnotcows

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Jenna DeStefano

Jdizzle and buckyD some and always remember kids #shootbullsnotcows

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