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Retreats in New Zealand

Sacred Earth Retreat Centre

Imagine...feeling good about YOU. Sista Trio creates space for this to unfold, for you to stop trying and just be you.

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Nielah Studios

@girltrek ready! We’re on the bus with all of these awesome facilitators heading to the mountaintop to begin our wonderful weekend of healing, fitness, wellness, transformation and adventure! #SelfCareRetreats

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Nielah Studios

I’m extremely thrilled to be joining the team of facilitators for @girltrek in Colorado! One of the largest #SelfCareRetreats for •••••••••• •••••••••• For the past several years, has been taking Black women to the mountains of Colorado during Labor Day weekend for three days of rest, wellness, fitness, relaxation & Fun! We’re welcoming 1000 sisters this year. Will you be joining us?

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Essential Reflections


Mermaid in the flow! I may call August the month of Jasmine, and if you walked up on my small village road in Crete, you would undoubtedly agree with me on this in the sweet smell of nature's seduction. Since its a flower of passion and fire, one who is born in the zodiac of Leo can easily see jasmine as a signature astrological ally. From another aspect, this incredible glow of sparks needs its opposites to cool down and submerge way beyond superficial. As Skye Alexander writes in her lovely book "The sea has long been connected with emotions, intuition, and the unconscious. Deep, dark, and mysterious, the ocean holds secrets we may never discover" 🌊 . . retreats

Shae Sterrett (@epic_shae) Instagram Profile Photo

Shae Sterrett

I AM SO Excited to share an update with you about my Portugal retreat next summer. The retreat center has recently completed the building of two more properties on site so we now have four more rooms to offer next summer. We were completely sold out and now we can open up registration to a few more guests. Please check out the link to learn more and you can sign up online with a $250 deposit to save your spot: #selfcareretreats

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Fon Churat

Menlo Park, California

Monday Meditation Motivation Meditation doesn’t always mean sit still with closed eyes. Find the form of meditation that resonates with you the most by exploring. Trying out a few and see what works best. If nothing works yet. Move onto the next till you find what speaks to you most. #selfcareretreats

Melissa Hedstrom (@melissaoptimalliving) Instagram Profile Photo

Melissa Hedstrom

An amazing day at the farm 🙏🏼we dropped into that quiet space within. That quiet space that is our unwavering source of light and energy. Moments of quiet movement, stillness, and creative flower time. Silence heals and replenishes. Thank you @wittefarm 🙏🏼💜💐🧘🏼‍♀️ Would love to have you join us next time.

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Sam’s been busy building the financial spreadsheet for the Wellness Retreat to be hosted in the very special Isla Mujeres, Mexico 4-8 April—it’s coming together well & I’m so thankful for his help. Blessed to have a partner who loves and supports me through ALL my explorations. More to follow very soon ;) 👏👏🤗 #selfcareretreats

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