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Beer Champ (@beer_champ) Instagram Profile Photo

Beer Champ

There's that skull in my picture again for no reason in particular. Like me he's in the mood for a good sour so we busted one out and took a run at it. My first concoction from Creative Creature Brewing @creativecreaturebrewing is a Gose called Smackers Red Rasberry very similar to my favorite kind of jam. The folks @preferred_liquor steered me toward this so let's get busy. The minute I opened the can the skull and I smelled rasberry and upon further review the aroma was nothing but raspberry preserve dominant like jam. It pours light bodied and a reddish purple with two fingers of light purple head that disappears quickly. The brewery from El Cajon @elcajoncity really hit this one out of the park its crisp refreshing and tart as hell. Straight raspberry preserve tartiness and not much else but for a guy who likes raspberries it was excellent. 5.0 ABV and 3.9/5 from me DRINK IT   #sdbeer

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Grog Blog

Modern Times Encinitas

If you described my life as a perpetual sequence of undeserved good fortune I couldn't disagree with you. Tonight was no exception. My friend @beerguy760 asked me if I wanted to join him to try the Ultra beers from @moderntimesbeer at an event they were hosting at the Far West Lounge in Encinitas. These beers are certified unobtainium, available only to those 125 people in the invite-only tier of Modern Times' membership or to those willing to shell out close to $1000 on the secondary beer black market. I'm neither of those people, but there my dumbass was, sipping my 5 ounce pours alongside the insiders who smelled of rich mahogany and leather bound books. It was an unrepeatable experience, and it was great to go full "dad that never gets out" mode on some people I've only ever interacted with from a distance. I'm not sure @sdcraftguy or @brocksbrews would give the same account, but I enjoyed meeting them. The part you actually care about; the beers. The biggest problem with the craft beer community is, broadly, the people that drink them. The Ultra beers are unimpeachable and excellent and I wouldn't change anything about any of the 3, but the haves have set the bar way too high, and as a have not who snuck through the gates, the reality fell short of the impossible expectations. I want to stress the excellence of all 3, because they're all extremely good beers, but there are other beers that exist that are close enough as to make you question the price of entry. If I could buy these 3 beers at retail that's a no brainer, but at their secondary value, passing is a no brainer as well. But that's an arbitrary distinction because these bottles are so limited that they might as well not even exist. Regardless, I'm crazy grateful for the experience.

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The Craft Co-Op

The ultimate reward is being able to do what you love everyday for a living ✨//

San Diego, California

HAZYVILLE from @abnormalbeerco in collab. w/ @burgeonbeer (8.2% ABV) - . 📝: Dried apricots and sour peach rings. Slightly creamy, silky. A tad on the sweet side. . Acquired: Purchased at @olivetreemarketplace Worth It: 👍🏽 Been a minute since I’ve had an Abnormal beer. Good one to draw me back. #sdbeer

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Brandon | Craft Beer Reviews

Chula Vista, California

@secondchancebeer Double Hazy IPA. Yeah, I kinda sat on this can for a sec, and yeah I really wanted to day drink this and another. But it was hot and I was putting up decorations. So here ya finally go; this dark orange and fluffy headed 8.2% ABV gives off some citrus, passionfruit notes, a light hoppy grapefruit. It drinks very smooth, light and fluffy. I got mainly pineapple, orange/tangerine, a bit of mango, coconut, and a light bitter sweet citrus in the aftertaste. The tasting notes say Guava, so I'll chalk it up to that. No joke the Mint Chip made passionfruit and coconut pop a bit more, so shout out to that mix. Also glad to use one of my FAVORITE glasses! Happy Belated Anniversary! Next hazy manana y'all! PS: Day&Night version of decorations. . . . #SDBEER

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