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༓ Aarona Lea ༓

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Ina Karina

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OmMade Artisanal Peanut Butter

Reston, Virginia

Fall means Espresso! Order any 4 jars of OmMade Peanut Butter & get a free gift jar of Espresso Ecstasy ($9.00 value)! Use code GiftJarEE! As always, orders over $49 get free shipping! @wholefoods #saynotopalmoil


It was crazy to see how most of Malaysia's interior is just palm oil plantations 😮😥 . . . #saynotopalmoil

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Jiwa Laut

Jiwa Laut

. We saw many people complaining about the burning in Kalimantan, Sumatra and Amazonia.... blaming presidents, politicians, industry, farmers, globalwarming who the hell ever but what about ourself? all those people responsible on fields work for money, if no money no working, no burning... . We are the root cause nbr 1 of this, because everybody has palm oil product in the kitchen, use toilet papers, paper for school, books, furnitures etc... which are the end products who give money to the people destroying forest... same for amazonia many of us consume industrial soya beans and beef meat which is the money supporting to the burners there... . So why not refuse you next burger, steak? eat traditional local tempe or tofu instead of what we call plastic tempe. Stop use tissue and toilet papers, use recycling papers for school and buy COCONUT OIL!!! We do it for years and we feel so much more healthy. Some of our friends complain and say too expensive... but good quality coconut oil can be re-use many times for frying many time more than palm or olive or whatever. At the end we don't spend much more than before as the palm get very fast black and have to change often. We also eat too much fried stuff, can reduce by eating more fresh, steamed food. You will go less to doctor as no more cholesterol and less heart blood problem... Do your math. It is also local made. In the past our parents had less money and were using daily coconut oil, why not us? Support your local farmers and producers. . Our life style is responsible for all happening in this world, why not change it step by step from now. We can do it, our friends can do, everybody can do 🙏🙏🙏🙏 for the future of our planet and children 🙏🙏🙏🙏 . @fridaysforfuture.indonesia @lagoerih #saynotopalmoil

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Krystal and her boys

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

|| We are the consumer, we say what we want... Companies will hear us, but public pressure needs to be strong!!! . I’m inspired by my fellow comrades @earthmamasinternational to share devastating effects that palm oil production has on the planet... Currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the air quality is extremely poor due to the clearing of rainforests by fires to produce oil palm plantations... . Most people are unaware of the facts of palm oil. Hidden in our prepackaged foods found on supermarket shelves, cleaning products and in most beauty products... Palm oil itself is not the issue, it’s the unsustainable way that it is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia. Palm oil plantations destroy the rainforest habitats and biodiversity, contributing to climate change and animal endangerment. . Farmers first burn down the rainforest, clearing all the trees and killing ANY animal in it way to make way for oil palms. There are fewer than 400 of the Sumatran Tigers left in the wild and we are loosing over 6,000 Orang-Utans every year, 16 today!!! . Certified cruelty free, organic or vegan, is no indicator of a product being palm oil free... it needs to be labeled and companies need to be more transparent with their list of ingredients. It’s a dirty trade that we blindly support with our dollars!!! . Together we can make a palm oil difference! The only sure way to help reduce the destruction caused by palm oil cultivation is to avoid ALL palm oil, including those company who claim to have certified "sustainable" palm oil! . Are you with me? ✌🏼🌏 #saynotopalmoil

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