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Bishops San Jose Downtown (@bishops.sanjosedowntown) Instagram Profile Photo

Bishops San Jose Downtown

Lefty علي (Ali) 🇮🇶 (@teamlefty) Instagram Profile Photo

Lefty علي (Ali) 🇮🇶

DK / Daena Kramer (@justkramer) Instagram Profile Photo

DK / Daena Kramer

Angel Abreo (@truthbyangel) Instagram Profile Photo

Angel Abreo

Concerts, Clubs & Events (@concerts4you) Instagram Profile Photo

Concerts, Clubs & Events

Aloft Santa Clara (@aloftsantaclara) Instagram Profile Photo

Aloft Santa Clara

DK Alt 105.3 (@dkalt1053) Instagram Profile Photo

DK Alt 105.3

Crazy.Diamond (@amber_amelie_) Instagram Profile Photo


(FeelTheBeat)(ALL4JEEZ) (@stunnalotuz) Instagram Profile Photo


CANNON PILLOWS / costa rica (@cannonpillowscr) Instagram Profile Photo

CANNON PILLOWS / costa rica

Porque una protección no está completa sin , el protector de almohadas claritin de creado con tecnología impermeable le brinda sus almohadas el cuidado contra líquidos para siempre mantenerlas secas, libre de olores y microorganismos. Dígale si a al descanso y a la salud con de Cannon Pillows . . . . #sanjose

Florial mia Russell (@mia_florial) Instagram Profile Photo

Florial mia Russell

Shes grateful because she worked smart Working smart and working hard are two different things.. .. .. To get started shoot a DM #sanjose

Raul Piscoya (@sf.parkour) Instagram Profile Photo

Raul Piscoya

San Jose State University

Last line of the day... 😴 What an evening with the homies though. Deff had me back to them feeling like I was starting training years ago. 🎥@sergio.iafrate #sanjose

Jason Bolano / Computer Builds (@bolanoboyboom) Instagram Profile Photo

Jason Bolano / Computer Builds

Like the second picture says OOOOooooo. #sanjose

San Jose, California

Look at this majestic brow transformation ✨⭐️ this gorgeous dermatologist wanted naturally enhanced symmetry, lift and density. Check, check and CHECK ✔️💚 swipe left for the close up ————————————————— Artist: Heather @theritualartist —————————————————

San Jose, California

Here's a story: by the time I came across this young man he was dripping blood from his arm and taking two steps forward and falling a step back - nobody stopped to ask if he was alright or see if he needed any help, and had fallen over twice. When I was walking him home he regaled me with takes of Sonny Barger and the times he spent with the hell's angels (he assured me there were no illegal activities involved - I am a witness to this confession). This is the definition of a badass - he couldn't even walk but kept trying to walk on his own which almost gave ME a heart attack every time he almost lost balance. But what an interesting and awesome person, now I just need to get this stud a cute nurse to make sure he doesn't try and walk to the store again without a better looking assistant than myself. Ladies, don't hesitate #sanjose

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