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Detail Dianne (@diannedetailz) Instagram Profile Photo

Detail Dianne

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Flyer Lanski

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Dolphin Team

Jovi Richards, Realtor (@jovisoldit) Instagram Profile Photo

Jovi Richards, Realtor

Richmond, Virginia

I'm always on the lookout for something *really* scary. I don't mean bloody and slasher-y, because to me that isn't scary, just nauseating. But THIS. This is truly frightening. I got through the first episode, and that one episode hit every single one of the horror tropes that set me off. And they're not the usual ones, either: there are very particular things - images, concepts - that get under my skin and wig me out, and ep. 1 had ALL OF THEM. Couldn't even start ep. 2 last night. This may turn out to be a flash in the pan, but if this first ep. is any indication, this series is gonna be a wild ride. Watch this in the original French with English subtitles - resist the urge to watch the dubbed version. Turn the lights on. And the tagline is for reals, guys: "La Série Que Vous Ne Voudrez Pas Regarder Seul-e!" - The series you don't want to watch alone! ... #rva

Jermaine Pritchett (@the1blackshogun) Instagram Profile Photo

Jermaine Pritchett

Gotta take the good with the bad. And stand tall through it all. Win, lose, or draw. #rva

A new festival for @steez_promo this year 🤯 this shit bout to be crazy @frightnightmassive make sure to snag them early bird tickets 🔥🐲 #rva

DJ Numba (@djnumba) Instagram Profile Photo

DJ Numba

Richmond, Virginia

Life is too short to take for granted, embracing others is what this brotha does!☀️ Good morning brothas and sistas! #rva WE GRADUATE LIKE REAL TROJANS HERE! 🍫🇹🇹💪🏾 DJ Numba

One of the best ways to experience Virginia is through their food. They are, after all, the Birthplace of American Cuisine! If you want to eat like a local when you visit, you’ll have to check out these restaurants:

Pablo Fontagnier (@hombre_suk_trs) Instagram Profile Photo

Pablo Fontagnier

Painted these 1x1m canvases the last days at @richmondtattooconvention So many great artists at Their tattooguns, brushes, pencils, whatever. Thx to @jessesmithtattoos for having me. Much appreciated!! Had some great chats, met some legendary alltime heroes, and was able to watch great artist doing what they do best #RVA

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