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"Haven't you heard BTS?"

JHOPE twt update Caption trans: To our Namjoonie, who has a consistent place in my phone, happy birthday #RMGalaxyDay Namjoonah there are a lot of tags hehe [You’re/It’s] ARMYs’ strength

BTS JUNGKOOK | μ •κ΅­ (@adorinkook) Instagram Profile Photo


this edit deserves an award

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Jeong Hoseok

Namjoonie who steadily takes up space on my phone, happy birthday~ #RMGalaxyDay There are many tags Namjoonah hehe it's ARMYs' strength

π‘–π‘ π‘Ž'𝑠 𝑼𝑻𝑢𝑷𝑰𝑨 (@koonotes) Instagram Profile Photo

π‘–π‘ π‘Ž'𝑠 𝑼𝑻𝑢𝑷𝑰𝑨

i love and miss you . . . . tags 🌱: galaxyday 🌱

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So this was supposed to be posted on his birthday, but so many things are going on and I couldn't postπŸ˜”, but here is the little birthday paragraph for you JoonieπŸ’• HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAMJOON!! YAY IT'S YOUR SPECIAL DAY, THE DAY AN AMAZING HUMAN BEING WAS BORN. Wow, if you weren't here, BTS wouldn't have been where you guys are now. Namjoon, I remember the day you caught my eye and ever since then, I've been not only supporting/loving you, but also all of BTS. Thank you for being there for me through your music, through your words. I've started to love myself because of you, you are my light. Joonie Thank you for showing me to stay true to myself. I want to say that you are more than just someone in a kpop group, you are KIM NAMJOON, a shining star, that has helped millions, the leader that helped his brothers become very successful, the person who helped raise Jungkook, and so much more. At first, I know you've gotten lots of hate, especially for not fitting "beauty standards" , BUT THAT'S ALL WRONG, YOU'RE ONE OF THE MOST HANDSOME, MOST BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEINGS I'VE EVER LAID MY EYES UPON!πŸ’œ, and that dimple, aaahhh it makes my heart melt. Your voice is very calming and makes me smile. I will never forget going to the concert and hearing your voice live, the feeling it brought to me was something wonderful, and I cried, because 1)I was in the same place as you 2)IT WAS REALLY YOU LIVE, 3)YOU MAKE ME THE HAPPIEST PERSON, I like lots of artists, but I can't really say I love them, and it's different for you though. I really love you, I truly do. You've helped change my life for the better, and I can't thank you enough, Hopefully I get to see you again, but thank you again for being you, your amazing self with IQ 148, with your crackheadedness, your clumsiness, your perfect imperfections, I love you Kim Namjoon, I hope your day was amazing, and that you spent it with your family or brothers * #rmgalaxyday

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