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AssodiPicche • Hand-painted (@assodipicche_handmade) Instagram Profile Photo

AssodiPicche • Hand-painted


》Un tuffo nel passato!🕹chi lo riconosce il mitico ?😍 》realizzato su felpa Invisible ma ricordate che le vostre personalizzazioni possono essere fatte su qualsiasi altro modello! Tutti gli altri modelli li trovate nella storia in evidenza “catalogo”👌🏽 - - - - - - #retrogamer

Neu-Ulm, Germany

Greetings! a little shot of my favorite IP from Nintendo. Bayonetta is pure *Action Slasher with Mind explosion and you will not understand the Story anyway game* AT HIS BEST! I'm pretty sure that Bayonett 3 is Gold and Nintendo is waiting for the right Date to releasing it. What's your Favorite Nintendo IP? Is Bayonetta one of it? ⚠️Werbung weil Markennennung🔹unbezahlte Werbung🔹advertisement unpaid⚠️ 🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 🔸Extremely Attractive Gaming Partners🔸 @vinyl.gamer @dillection @esu_panda @louichan03 @sammlerschutzhuellen @hannibunni_games @tototoinoutonio @sir_doyle_dono @zelosprime @dedeoff_ @ca_gaming1415 @daimakaimura71 🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼 #retrogamer

Super Mario World is perhaps the best platformer of all time and definitely Mario’s greatest adventure of them all. I’ve had my copy of the game and the Swedish guide book since launch day back in 1992 so i have very fond memories from this game. This is also one of the games included in the SNES library on Nintendo Switch which is great since new players can experience the game on a modern console. #retrogamer

Melly Harrigan (@mellypink91) Instagram Profile Photo

Melly Harrigan

😁❤🎮🕹 My new T-shirt off ebay for when we go to Pax. Can't wait! 😁❤🎮🕹 -shirt -shirt #retrogamer 😁❤🕹🎮

⚙️Arcade Techmo🎮👊 "Ninja It's awesome game. Especially continue scene was very scare. 🔰 #retrogamer

I started at 31k in early August and am very slowly but very surely creeping my way towards 100k. I can damn well smell it!!!! Feelin' things just 'work out' more. Less RNG ambushing which means I'm not setting myself up soooo much. I think the 4th set of springs (I lost count in the fog of war) it was just nuts and I couldn't find a way through. The usual short spring hide and long spring run seemed to be no good at all Totally digging it. Comin for you monkey boy 🤣😂🤣 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #retrogamer

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Electric Adventures

Jenina's Dance Workshop

Essential waiting in car for daughter items, a GBA with the wonderful GB shoot em up Solar Striker and some Gorillaz Plastic Beach on the car stereo. #retrogamer

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