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Retro-PC-Hardware collection (@3dfx_aslinger) Instagram Profile Photo

Retro-PC-Hardware collection

miro HiScore 3D, 3dfx Voodoo Graphics (Codename SST1), PCI, 6 MB EDO-RAM with 2x 64-Bit, 3D add-on card, released in September 1997! 50 MHz Core and Memory in synchronous clockspeed. 500 nm process with a total 2 million transistors for both chips (TMU+FBI) . The HiScore 3D was one of the most luxuriously eqipped 3dfx Voodoo 1 Graphics cards with a TV outout (Composite and S-Video) and 6 MB memory. That meant 4 MB texturememory and 2 MB for the framebuffer. 4 MB (2 MB texture and 2 MB framebuffer) was the standard for Voodoo Graphics boards. The loopcable was also different to the standard, but was supposed to provide the best image quality in 2D. The loopcable is not easy to find today. The 6 MB version runs a little bit faster than the 4 MB version in games, that can benefit from more texture memory. I have made a Unreal Castle FlyBy benchmark video with three different Voodoo versions and with different memory sizes. Good visible differences. The miro HiScoore 3D was absolutely identical to the Canopus Pure3D, which was also available in a version without a TV-output. computing

Amtsstube (@amts_stube) Instagram Profile Photo



Ein absoluter Retro Klassiker, der Commodore 64 -> C64. Auch der Commodore 1084 ist ein Klassiker unter den Monitoren. a👍🏻⠀ ⠀ Der 8 Bit Heimcomputer wird auch gerne „Brotkasten“ genannt.⠀ ⠀ Von 1982 bis 1994 wurden Schätzungsweise zwischen 12,5 und 30 Mio. Stück verkauft.⠀ ⠀ Bei dem angeschlossenen Joystick 🕹, handelt es sich um einen Quickshot II Plus.⠀ ⠀ Computing

Nemiex Club (@nemiexclub) Instagram Profile Photo

Nemiex Club

Nemiex Club

Nemiex Club piano 1, ore 21.00 di sabato 14 Settembre 2019: piccolo giro in metà di sala Grande e Sala 3 a Club appena aperto, a luci calde ancora accese. Nell'arco della serata abbiamo poi avuto 83 tesserati a godersi eventi e atmosfera fino alle 3.00! Ps: non siamo un negozio. Siamo un centro multiattività che fa intrattenimento cultura spettacoli eventi feste corsi tornei mercatini aste e mille altre cose! Prossimi video su Underground e altre parti del piano 1 da 130 metri quadri! #retrocomputing

📹🎧📺TONY🕹📀👾 (@kinoko_retrogamer) Instagram Profile Photo


AMIGA AGA - BANSHEE (CORE 1994).., Gran Shmup vertical al estilo 1943 y compañia, especifico para los Amiga AGA, este juego ocupa el puesto 39° de los mejores juegos de Amiga, por Amiga Power. 🔝👊👊👊

Sixteen Colors ANSI/ASCII Art (@sixteen_colors) Instagram Profile Photo

Sixteen Colors ANSI/ASCII Art

Classic ANSI of the Day! Poffelipoff promo ANSI by BYM /// PLF (1999) See it here: #retrocomputing

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