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Axis Physiotherapy & Fitness (@axisphysiotherapy) Instagram Profile Photo

Axis Physiotherapy & Fitness

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Dr. Lisa Folden

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Mike Smith DC, CCSP

Tangelo Manual Therapy and Movement

Shout out to @michellebetos (@reignfc )👊. She's about 20 weeks and absolutely crushing it. . . On top of the privileged to observe the strength and power of an athlete at her level, it's even more special to see how she approaches her craft and her recovery. Complete focus on the task at hand and the vision to where she needs to be, a healthy balance of patience and impatience - respect and enjoy the process at the same time have the urgency/open mind to get the work in. One day at a time. . . Still work to be done, but we've (@acl_robb + @masterslifestyle + @tangelohealth ) are having a blast watching the progress week to week. Honored to be a small part of the stellar team she has around her. . . . . . . ilitation free

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Jo Muirhead

Working with self-funded client's is incredibly rewarding - as this brief message from a client will explain...

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6 weeks in the rehabilitation center for athletes are officially over today, I thankful to everyone in Medicos and motivated to come back here after my holiday 😅 #rehabilitation

CD EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY (@cdexphys) Instagram Profile Photo


Asking for a friend... But jokes aside, research shows that high intensity physical activity - like sprinting to catch your bus - does actually have health benefits. According to a study published earlier this year in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, this type of regular, incidental activity that gets you huffing and puffing is likely to produce health benefits, even if you do it in 30-second bursts, spread over the day. In fact, incorporating more high intensity activity into our daily routines – whether that’s by vigorously vacuuming the carpet or walking uphill to buy your lunch – could be the key to helping all of us get some high quality exercise each day. So, bottom line... Running late *kind of* counts.

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Block Sports Chiro And PT

Some tools to help improve elbow, as well as up/down chain stability. 1) wall shoulder taps 2) rhythmic stabilization in quadruped 3) rhythmic stabilization for elbow supination/pronation with disk. . . . ilitation

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Robina Private Hospital

Did you know an estimated 250 people join the Australian population with dementia every day? With such a large portion of our community having this disease it is important to start the conversation and help end the discrimination that these people, their families, and their carers face.⠀ Join the conversation @dementia_australia

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