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Only God Can Judge (@ogcjclothing) Instagram Profile Photo

Only God Can Judge

Jackson Action🌐 (@jacksonboogiej) Instagram Profile Photo

Jackson Action🌐

Priyadharsini (@soul_wordcraft) Instagram Profile Photo


Magnus Futrell-Fruhling (@magnus.magneto) Instagram Profile Photo

Magnus Futrell-Fruhling

Spenser A. Ford 🌻 (@spenser.ford5) Instagram Profile Photo

Spenser A. Ford 🌻

C H E L S E A | (@theblondespaniard) Instagram Profile Photo

C H E L S E A |

The Robinson Effect, LLC (@therobinson_effect) Instagram Profile Photo

The Robinson Effect, LLC

min| 「🇵🇭🎌」 (@urfvckgrl) Instagram Profile Photo

min| 「🇵🇭🎌」

Alex Robson (@alexgrobson) Instagram Profile Photo

Alex Robson

R A I N | The Bare Skin (@rainnievun_) Instagram Profile Photo

R A I N | The Bare Skin

Hair • Beauty • Selfcare (@shopmystofficial) Instagram Profile Photo

Hair • Beauty • Selfcare

Los Angeles, California

& that’s the motto 👌🏽anyone else in for the evening? It’s raining where I am, so were creating some amazinggg products for your mind, body and soul 💆🏽‍♀️

Manish Kumavat (@immrk_official) Instagram Profile Photo

Manish Kumavat

E.A. Patil & Associates LLP

Tenu Kaise Samjawa Ki Ye Doorie Sahi Jaye Naa.. Tene Kaise Samjawa Ki Khamoshiyan Ye Sahe Na Saku.. Tenu Kaise Samjawa Ki Tere Bin Raha Jaye Naa.. Tenu Kaise Samjawa Ki Ye Doorie Sahi Jaye Naa.. Read my other thoughts on @YourQuoteApp Read my thoughts on @YourQuoteApp #qotd

Hello hello everyone, its been a while! A short(er) post today because I’m still trying to get back into the groove of posting, and am also extremely tired... 😴 . . We have so much to catch up on now! It’s crazy how much can happen in a week. Basically, the short rundown is that I’ve been piled with schoolwork, and everything feels so chaotic even though I’ve basically done everything I need to! I have a terrible cold right now as well, and it’s really getting in the way of reading because all I want to do is sleep and watch Netflix! . . Yesterday I went to get vaccinated for our trip to Asia and ended up fainting 🥴 We think it’s because I was nervous, because it definitely wasn’t an allergic reaction and I was completely fine afterwards! I’ve never fainted before, sooo... new experience, I guess?? 😂 . . #QOTD: How has your week been? Anything interesting happen to you? . . fallaesthetic

Veonne🌹D'COEUR领导 (@munmun_veonne_) Instagram Profile Photo


世界很简单,人心很复杂。 #qotd

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