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Oriol Fernando Peidró (@oriolfernandofisio) Instagram Profile Photo

Oriol Fernando Peidró

Mariselda Jimenez (@marij6905) Instagram Profile Photo

Mariselda Jimenez

Team Silvernagle (@teamsilvernagle) Instagram Profile Photo

Team Silvernagle

Alexandria Mooney Jones (@fireworkartist) Instagram Profile Photo

Alexandria Mooney Jones

Super excited I was able to capture one of the challenges of this medium on video!!!!😆 Had no idea this green firework would transition to purple and then to pink. Doesn’t happen a lot but it does happen! The look on my face must have been priceless!!! 😂 Working with fireworks you gotta be ready for anything! Explosions, fire and unexpected colors! 😏🔥💥 #pyro

|Chad Heft| (@pyro_uverse) Instagram Profile Photo

|Chad Heft|

Thanks You to our Sponsor @wizard_fireworks for the product head over to for the FULL video #pyro

Betsy Carter (@bcarter1482) Instagram Profile Photo

Betsy Carter

Tonight’s conversations with Pyro. He was telling me what I did wrong in agility class: human needs to accelerate, then decelerate, and leave Moxie at home. #pyro

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