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@tcore7 ・・・ Three of my favorite prybars. JW Knives G8 Bandicoot, _q_works perforated titanium, and Koch Tools Kursor. s

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Nestorbars, LLC.

LIFT OUT OF THE WAY !! Get a quick from to keep your going . Wether your , or , EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS play a major roll in . # DIY #prybars

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Carpe Omnia

First off i want to thank Steel Flame for what they do and their continous support over the years, if i could tag Derrick i would, but i’ll tag his better or worse half (Which is it Leonard?) and hopefully he will give Derrick a heads up. 🀭 Finished up a couple more of these beefy Prybars. As most of you guys know Copper is a soft material and really not ideal for actual Prying. However it makes for a damn nice Clip holder and conversation piece. And yes it will Pry or open a beer in a pinch. For now these Prybars do not come with a Clip , but are ready to accept 3 hole clips. Another thing worth mentioning is that Copper is soft and threads strip easy if you overtighten the screw. So Please take care when installing the clip of your choice. Copper is also a material that changes over the years of handling creating a very unique Patina. It is also Antibacterial. And even kills E.Coli. If that’s not Viking material i dont know what is. -HGR- @steelflameunderground @urbanedcsupply @edcvikings #prybars

Nestorbars, LLC. (@nestorbarsllc) Instagram Profile Photo

Nestorbars, LLC.

WATCH !! TWO FREE HANDS to install or assist in another task. THe DUAL ROCKER CLAWS provide STABILITY thru the process. , & can utilize the VERSATILITY of the design. SINGULAR #PRYBARS have a tendency to SHIFT on the used as a .

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