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Julian K.

Papas con salsa bechamel y pollo a la plancha♥️ . . . Potatoes with white sauce and grilled chicken ♥️ . . . #potato

Im a potato lol #potato

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I am a happy potato 🥔 * * * * * * * * * part of my room 💕 #potato

North Village Chinese Restuarant

Spicy and sour shredded potatoes. Just the right texture and taste. . . . . #potato

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⭐️Weight Loss Tips⭐️

Almost Zero Calories Foods 🍎🍉🌿🍊🥬🥦🥒 - 🍏1. Apple. Apples are highly nutritious and one of the most popular fruits in the States. One cup of apple slices has 57 calories three grams of fiber. - 🥗2. Arugula. One half cup (10gm) of arugula has only three calories - 🍆3. Asparagus. One cup of asparagus has only 27 calories and is rich in vitamin K and folate. - 🥦4. Broccoli. It’s a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables and may help fight cancer. One cup of it has 31 calories - 🍠5. Celery. Celery has a high water content, making it naturally low in calories. There’re only 18 calories in one cup (110gm) of chopped celery - 🥒6. Cucumbers. Since cucumbers are mostly water, they’re very low in calories. One half cup (52gm) only has 8 calories - 🍈7. Grapefruit. Certain compounds in grapefruit may decrease cholesterol levels and increase metabolism. There’re 52 calories in half a grapefruit - 🥗8. Iceberg lettuce. They’re rich in vitamin K and A. One cup (72gm) has only 10 calories - 🍉9. Watermelon. It is very hrdrating fruit. Watermelon contains some of almost every nutrient and a high amount of vitamin C. There’re 46 calories in one cup of diced watermelon. . Tag and share 💚 📸 @phetfit 🔎 _______________________ #potato

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