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Rossana Martinez (@art_life_nyc) Instagram Profile Photo

Rossana Martinez

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Maggie Bridge

People often ask me ‘what type of honey do you have?’ 🍯 . Because I keep backyard bees, my honey changes with the season, and it depends a lot on what my neighbours have in their gardens. . This Echium, or Queen Bee Flower, is an early spring flower that delivers to the Beautiful Girls every year, and is in my neighbour’s garden. . Look 👀 how this girl clings in even in the wind (at about 25kts today!) . Sun’s out bees out 🌞 🐝 . . . #pollinators

Butterflies all over the salvia in front of the PACC this morning. We need more places butterflies can do this while migrating! Wouldn't it be cool if along our highways and ditches we just flower bombed them instead of mowing all summer? #pollinators

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Jane Lewis Impressions

Pollinator in action #pollinators

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Gopichandran Photo Studio

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” Albert Einstein . . . . . #pollinators

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