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Heaton, North Tyneside, United Kingdom

. 3 amigos The sky the moon . . . Good morning, happy Sunday, happy day before the autumn equinox! . Today was going to be the day I was maybe going to be taking part in a skinny dip en masse for the autumn equinox and to raise money for mind... . But in the end I didn’t do it - partly because I couldn’t get the day off work yesterday, partly because when I asked Iona she said it would be weird going skinny dipping with her mum - fair enough! and partly because I’m not too sure I’d be comfortable with it - even though I’m sure it would be quite a liberating thing to do. . I love celebrating nature and the equinoxes and solstices and being outdoors and swimming outdoors, and the human body, and my body, and being naked and swimming outdoors naked is such a beautiful thing to do, but to me it’s all so special and so sacred, I think some of that spiritual element might be lost in a group session? Who knows though? Maybe next year I’ll do it? . In the meantime maybe tomorrow on the actual equinox I’ll take myself off to a secluded beach and have my own skinny dip equinox celebration? I’ll definitely be doing something, that’s for sure. . The mornings are just so beautiful at the moment aren’t they? And the whole days, and the evenings - just everything is so lovely at the moment. . Of course as always there’s so much I could be breaking my heart over, but I choose j o y and delight and the bliss of each moment over everything else - always. Or nearly always - sometimes of course feelings come bubbling up and need to be acknowledged and listened to and accepted - they can’t be pushed aside indefinitely and that’s ok. . Anyway, sorry for waffling on. Back to this moment and the peace and beauty of early Sunday morning where the glowing stripy fiery sky earlier has faded into pastel stripes of blue and white and all is calm and still... . Have a beautiful day guys xx ❤️ . . . . #pigeons

200 mile Young bird race result from today. My loft did well this week with 2 in the top 10 and one that took 3rd! He covered 196 miles in 4 hours and 7 mins at around 47 mph!-2C. s

One from today 🐦 s

So cute! tag your friends💘🐷 "Awesome! Via: -@pigsoninsta 💖 Follow me @piglet_lovers_ig for more 💗 ❤ Update new pictures everyday! ➖ 📌 Tag someone to make their day better. ❤️ Double Tap & Tag your Friends Below⤵ s "

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