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Block Sports Chiro And PT

Some tools to help improve elbow, as well as up/down chain stability. 1) wall shoulder taps 2) rhythmic stabilization in quadruped 3) rhythmic stabilization for elbow supination/pronation with disk. . . . #physicaltherapist

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Dr Arianne Missimer DPT RD RYT

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" Hemiplegia " , paralysis of the muscles of the lower face, arm, and leg on one side of the . The most common cause of hemiplegia is stroke, which damages the corticospinal tracts in one hemisphere of the brain. The corticospinal tracts extend from the lower spinal cord to the cerebralcortex. They decussate, or cross, in the brainstem; therefore, damage to the right cerebral hemisphere results in paralysis of the left side of the . Damage to the left hemisphere of a right-handed person may also result in aphasia. Other causes of hemiplegia include trauma, such as spinal cord injury; brain tumours; and brain infections. Hemiplegia is treated by addressing the underlying cause and by various forms of therapy to recover motor function. In particular, motor function in a hemiparetic limb may be improved with physical therapyand with mirror therapy. In mirror therapy, placing a mirror beside the unaffected limb while blocking the patient’s view of the affected limb can give the illusion that the affected limb is functioning normally, leading to gains in recovery. In some cases, surgery may be used to correct neurological damage. #physicaltherapist

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Jennifer Marie

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is never how I envisioned my career path to go. • • Growing a successful business from home with my babies by my side. • • Being a positive influence for women all over the world and helping them change their lives for the better every single day. • • Leading a te of rockstars who set scary goals and then go crush them and as a result create time and financial freedom for their filies 🙌🏼 • • Hosting a te retreat to celebrate the successes of the women on my te -- some of whom I have never met in person but feel like I've know my whole life (thank you IG 😉) • • Yet here I doing JUST THAT. T- minus 1 month until I host our first ever te retreat and I feeling ALL THE FEELS. • • I could not be more proud of each and every one of these ladies who earned a spot on this retreat. I cannot wait to love on, laugh with, learn and grow along side of, and most importantly CELEBRATE all of you!! • • Thank you for DREAMING BIG with me 😘

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Montvale Health Sport + Spine

Montvale Health Sport + Spine

Have you ever wondered about chiropractic? Unsure about how it all works or if it would for you? We are here to answer any and all of your questions. Comment below or message us privately! • • • free free #physicaltherapist

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Tetraplegia, " quadriplegia" is paralysis caused by illness or injury that results in the partial or total loss of use of all four limbs and torso; paraplegia is similar but does not affect the arms. The loss is usually sensory and motor, which means that both sensation and control are lost. Tetraparesis orquadriparesis, on the other hand, means muscle weakness affecting all four limbs. It may be flaccid or spastic. Signs and symptoms impairment of the limbs, functioning is also impaired in the torso. This can mean a loss or impairment in controlling bowel and bladder, function, digestion, breathing and otherautonomic functions. Furthermore, sensation is usually impaired in affected areas. This can manifest as numbness, reduced sensation or burning neuropathic . pressure sores, osteoporosis and fractures, frozen joints, spasticity, respiratory complications and infections, autonomic dysreflexia, deep vein thrombosis, and cardiovascular disease. Causes damage to the brain or the spinal cord at a high-level C1–C7—in particular, spinal cord injuries secondary to an injury to the cervical spine. The injury, which is known as a lesion, causes victims to lose partial or total function of all four limbs, meaning the arms and the . Tetraplegia is defined in many ways; C1–C4 usually affects arm movement more so than a C5–C7 injury; however, all tetraplegics have or have had some kind of finger dysfunction. So, it is not uncommon to have a tetraplegic with fully functional arms but no nervous control of their fingers and thumbs. Treatment : quadriplegia is not curable with treatment. This means that no surgical procedure, drug, or form of therapy can guarantee a return of functioning, and few quadriplegics will ever regain all functioning.  Brain and spinal cord surgeries to address obstructions, reduce bleeding, and manage swelling.Medication to reduce the risk of infection #physicaltherapist

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