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Sᙓᖇᙓᘉᗩ  ᕊᗩᖇƮƮᓮᘉ (@sere.b.92) Instagram Profile Photo

Sᙓᖇᙓᘉᗩ ᕊᗩᖇƮƮᓮᘉ

Bucci Davide (Fb) (@nonamebux) Instagram Profile Photo

Bucci Davide (Fb)

Savio Barbato Boutique (@savio_barbato_boutique) Instagram Profile Photo

Savio Barbato Boutique

Savio Barbato Boutique (@savio_barbato_boutique) Instagram Profile Photo

Savio Barbato Boutique

Tiny Revolution • Pass It On ( Instagram Profile Photo

Tiny Revolution • Pass It On

Fel Dede mixedFamily 🇨🇫🇫🇷🇮🇹 (@fel_dede) Instagram Profile Photo

Fel Dede mixedFamily 🇨🇫🇫🇷🇮🇹

Marosvári Melinda (@melinda_marosvari) Instagram Profile Photo

Marosvári Melinda

Germán Vilar (@germanvilar) Instagram Profile Photo

Germán Vilar

PROMISE - Biz Coach/Blogger (@promise_speaker) Instagram Profile Photo

PROMISE - Biz Coach/Blogger

Gilles Cheney (@gilles_cheney) Instagram Profile Photo

Gilles Cheney

ines pfundner (@____ini_) Instagram Profile Photo

ines pfundner

A friend saw the pics and asked me, "Who did you have fun with?" My answer, "With me!" It was a morning after a busy working day with bad news in the evening. I was pretty much beside the track ... What to do? Hm...i looked in the mirror and smiled at me, made funny faces, been crazy for a few minutes, danced and sang my favorite songs out loud ... And, it helped!! It lightened my mood, my heavy heart and my injured soul could laugh again ...It's up to you,to have fun,to feel happy,to be in decide! . . . #passion

Jumper & Morgane (@mr.clown_ma.ferrarie) Instagram Profile Photo

Jumper & Morgane

Hey ! Je vous fait un petit devrait matinal pour ce week end . . Vendredi => je suis rentree des cours vers 18h30 / 19h mais j ai sorti le loulou 1h en ballade à cru . . Samedi => matin, levé aux aurores pour sortir le bulldozer en ballade, pas évident vu quil s amuse à manger le mais entre deux 🤨 après avoir rempli tous les bidons en eau et apporte du foin, direction l etang pour un repas avec mon homme et passer du temps avec lui avant de rentrer réviser le dimanche ❤ love you @corentincarpe80 ❤. . Dimanche => je dois repartir de chez mon homme pour mes révisions, on verra si e sors le gros 🙃. . #passion

George Boudreau (@6string2hander) Instagram Profile Photo

George Boudreau

Hyannis, Massachusetts

Zakk Wylde's solo from "Fire it Up" with a little improv. #passion

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