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Ellen Mizener Design (@mizedesigner) Instagram Profile Photo

Ellen Mizener Design

Researching clouds. Have you really looked? I mean, since you were a kid and searching for ‘animals’? Fascinating. #paintingresearch

Agnieszka Stalinska (@_stalinska) Instagram Profile Photo

Agnieszka Stalinska

Switzerland Basel

Got into color research lately. Love how blue gets stronger while paired with various tones of orange. Inspired by late summer palette. #paintingresearch painting

Linda Khatir (@lindakhatir) Instagram Profile Photo

Linda Khatir

revisiting old work: acrylic paint and red tape (from 2008) exploring the activities and materials of painting without picturing (the original work spread across the floor to dry before being bundled and bound by red tape) research

Terri Whetstone (@terriwhetstone) Instagram Profile Photo

Terri Whetstone

Study for night garden series. #paintingresearch

Heather Karlie Vieira (@20thcenturybyhkfa) Instagram Profile Photo

Heather Karlie Vieira

New York, New York

Current Friday night situation. You know when you are computer illiterate and need to find some emails from over a decade ago that pertain to an Old Master painting? And so you get a couple of your old computers out of storage and plug them in hoping they’ll work. After the buzzing and whirring, you realize that one of them doesn’t have a password - yay, but the other one does - boo. Of course you don’t remember it even with the password hint. So you google how to break into an old Mac and are successful after twenty tries at writing code. Just to get in but not have access to the emails because they are under the original user name. Insert crying / crazy face. So, if you’re still reading and have some technical knowledge that you’d like to share with me on how to retrieve old emails from over ten years ago, I’d really appreciate it. And, yes, those are My Little Pony stickers. Pinky Pie is my favorite, just so you know. . . . #paintingresearch

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